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5 Tips to Keep Your Sanity

By: Olwyn

Hello! If you are anything like me, you have a problem with siblings or pets being loud. I have two siblings that apparently think that since I’m in the middle of our house, I’m free to talk to during a class connects. And our neighbors, they are nice people, but they have three extremely loud dogs. So, today, I’m going to give you five simple tips that just might make distractions a little more tolerable.

Tip 1: The loud sibling. Sadly, it would just be mean if you locked them in their room. First, try to explain you are in school, and that they cannot talk to you now. If that doesn’t work, before school, or when you have a bit of a break, make a quick bag (or box) or toys and fun things. This typically works only if they are 6 or younger. If they are 7 or older, tattle-tailing or making an alliance is probably the best idea.

Tip 2: The neighbor’s dog. There are three simple techniques to deal with the neighbor’s dog. First, ask them (politely) if their dog is doing well. Then, ease into the conversation and eventually mention that their dog is loud. Being polite is the way to go with this, it could go bad fast if you are rude.

Tip 3: The everlasting desk mess. The best thing to do is probably to have a time set aside for cleaning your desk. Either do it on the weekends, or after school. Also, having bins or other sorting containers can help with the mess.

Tip 4: Your pet. Cats are easier to take ignore, though they can be annoying. The easiest thing to do with cats is to lock them up somewhere. I’m not a dog owner, but what you could do is feed it, ask a parent to play with it, or fix whatever is causing the dog to bark or making noise.

Tip 5: The most obvious fix; I can almost guarantee that all your teachers have told you to get headphones. This cannot stop siblings from talking, or dogs from barking, but at least it will be a bit quieter. You could also play music or white noise if it doesn’t distract you or kill your internet connection.

That was 5 tips to help you keep your sanity!

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