I Opened My Eyes Underwater

After a span of 17 years, I’ve finally managed to fully open my eyes underwater.  I know, what a shocking thing to accomplish.  However, I always had this sort of anxiety looming over me when it came to water.  I know how to swim, and I really enjoy swimming in the pool, but I guess the whole submersion... Continue Reading →

How To Start Eating Healthier

The start of the new decade is a great segment into making healthier choices that will hopefully carry into the next decade, a great change to make is eating healthier which can improve your physical health along with your mental health, there are also many other health benefits to healthy eating like an improved mood... Continue Reading →

Two Views of the Mississippi

In his short story, “Two Views of the Mississippi,” Mark Twain explains that gaining knowledge can sometimes cost us the curiosity of something familiar.  Twain shows two separate sides to the Mississippi, one as the first time he saw it with new eyes and an imagination. And the second, with responsibility and the need to watch... Continue Reading →

Bartholomew in Disneyland

After his adventures in Seattle, Washington, Bartholomew, the monarch butterfly took flight and let his blue wings carry him south. He was enjoying his journey immensely. Bartholomew took his time, visiting landmarks, stopping for tea, and enjoying the solitude afforded high up in the clouds. Eventually, he found himself in Anaheim, California. He knew that... Continue Reading →


The countdown until twelve  People staring at their screens  Counting down the seconds  5….4….3….2….1  Fireworks booming in the air  People signaling the new year has begun  Another section of one’s life finished  Another section just beginning  Some looking back at the past year  The ups, the downs  Reminiscing, some may even shed a tear  But for others... Continue Reading →

The Great Seal

 It started in 1776 when Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, and John Adams formed a committee to design a national seal for the United States. Unfortunately, it took another two committees and six years before the design was finally agreed upon. On June 20th, 1782 the new seal, known as the Great Seal, was finalized (Science Struck, n.d.) However,... Continue Reading →

 Broken Without You

All that was going through her mind that morning was finding a proper place to sleep. And by “proper,” she meant anything but under the bridge again. Mornings were hard because of this very reason. Normally the shelters were full, and police patrolled the streets, so her luck was out.  Esther walked down the bustling streets. Everyone... Continue Reading →

Final Fantasy XIV And Nier Automata Collaboration Was Worth The Wait

Final Fantasy XIV’s patch update, 5.1, came with a new crossover event, but this time, it’s a little different. Final Fantasy XIV is no stranger to events with other Final Fantasy games, such as the crossover even with Final Fantasy XV’s visit from Noctis, or Final Fantasy XII’s implementation of Fran, Viera, and Ivalice. However, this new raid, is not with a Final Fantasy product, rather, it’s... Continue Reading →

Showdown Bandit Game Review

Showdown Bandit is an indie horror game. At the current time, there’s only one chapter available for purchase. If you are interested, but don’t know where to buy it, it’s available on PC from the Steam Store for $7.99. The game is made by the creators  of another popular indie horror game, Bendy and the Ink Machine, which is soon getting a sequel, Bendy and... Continue Reading →

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