Amazon delivery robots may soon be knocking on your door

A successful eight-month test run was done in Snohomish, Washington with these new robots. The robots have six wheels and are about the size of a large cooler with the capacity to carry two medium-sized packages. They are battery powered and move at a regular walking pace. The robots are programmed to avoid pedestrians, animals, unexpected obstacles (such as garbage cans) and it’s sensors can even detect when a car is backing out of the driveway. Amazon created many virtual maps of American suburbs and conducted simulated deliveries to homes.  

There are some unknown things about these robots such as, how it can be delivered to the right person or how many deliveries it can make before the battery needs to be re-charged. There are also some limitations the bots have including; they are unable to climb stairs/gates which means they can only reach consumers on ground level. The bots also can’t leave packages on the doorstep if the customers are not home. These are all things that can make it difficult for the bots to thrive, but things that can also be resolved. 

 Amazon is mainly focused on home deliveries, but on August 20th 2019 they announced plans to deploy bots to deliver food and other items to students on college campus across the country.  Similar to the amazon bot (aka scout), there are more bots being designed by other companies. Like Starships Eponymous bot. It has been tested in over 20 countries and has made 100,000 successful deliveries. Food and grocery delivery company called Postmates “bug-eyed bot” is already making its way around the streets of San Francisco. They can carry up to 50 pounds and travel 30 miles per battery charge.  

All in all, I am beyond amazed of how far technology has come along. I think the Amazon bot is super cool and could be very successful in the future. There are good and bad things about the bots, but I would definitely use it if I had the opportunity. 

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Article written by Kristin G

The Beauty of Fall

In case you’ve missed the crisp chill in the air and the start of everything becoming pumpkin flavored, it’s finally Fall! Whether it be the leaves starting to pile up on our lawns or the days getting shorter, it’s definitely here. The history of Autumn celebrations goes quite far back in history, in both American customs and all over the world. The Fall equinox always occurs somewhere between September 21st and September 24th in the Northern hemisphere, in the Southern hemisphere this change signals the start of Spring.  

Ancient cultures used Geometry to observe the Sun’s position and calculate the time of day, to them the change of seasons would have been incredibly important. In Greek Mythology the start of Fall represents the goddess Persephone returning to the Underworld to meet her husband, Hades. The Chinese celebrate the Harvest Moon Festival, a deeply rooted tradition beginning in the Shang dynasty, they made offerings to the moon and celebrated their successful harvest of that year.  

The change from season to season is inherently scientific in nature, a sign of Fall coming is usually leaves changing colors and falling to the ground, multiple factors contribute to this interesting change, “ The vivid, often simple colors on the outside are the products of the complex chemistry of growth inside a leaf. Take the yellows and oranges, for example—the dominant colors of aspen, ash, birch, beech, hickories, maples, some oaks, tulip poplar, and sassafras—generally, these colors come from compounds called carotenoids (also responsible for the color of carrots) which are present in the leaf during the growing season.” (Glenn Morris)  

All in all, whether you like the leaves changing, the colors, or the colder weather, Autumn is a fun and exciting season. With multiple holidays like Halloween and Thanksgiving, and all the other wonderful celebrations that take place all over the world at this time of year, so enjoy your Pumpkin spiced latte and the sound of leaves crunching under your shoes, it won’t be long till Winter!     

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Article written by Tori P

All About Chinchillas  by Calypso P

Chinchillas are rodents that are native to South America, mainly in Chile. They once almost went extinct due to everyone wanting their thick and soft fur to make coats out of. Chinchilla fur is so dense, that it’s not supposed to get wet. Most pet owners will avoid getting their chinchilla wet because it will never be able to dry off, causing fungus to grow and infect their skin. Sometimes it can be fatal, so it’s recommended not to get water on a chinchilla. Chinchillas take dust baths to clean their fur, there’s a special dust sold at pet stores and online that they use.  

Chinchilla diets are certainly minimal. When they’re in captivity they usually only eat chinchilla food pellets and timothy hay. Their stomachs are weak and can’t digest food very well, so foods like raisins, lettuce, dried tomatoes, and other treats are recommended to be given to a chinchilla only once a week. If they eat too many treats it could cause them to get stomach problems, and chinchillas are really good at hiding illnesses, so when you find out they’re sick it may be too late. When they’re out in the wild, they typically only eat grass and seeds they find on the ground.  

Keeping a chinchilla as a pet isn’t as easy as some people might think. They’re high maintenance animals that require a lot of care. You have to let them out of their cage for playtime, change out their hay, and give them dust baths every single day. Chinchillas are social animals, so if you spend most of your day at work or school, it’s best not to get a chinchilla. You should be spending a lot of quality time with your chinchilla and making sure they’re happy and healthy. When letting a chinchilla out for playtime, you shouldn’t reach in their cage and grab them, that could cause them to be afraid of you. It’s best to open the cage doors and let them come out when they want to. Chinchillas are super fragile and you want to maintain a good relationship with your pet. 

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