Lego: Pros and Cons

By Isabelle Jones

Legos. Ah, Legos, those wonderfully creative, “Highly sophisticated, interlocking brick system.”  (The Lego Movie) that can have you entertained for hours on end! Since around 1958 Lego has been entertaining the world with this fun activity.

But we are not here to praise Lego for their creation (well, not yet anyway) but we are here to dive deep into a Pros and Cons list about Legos.

Ok, ok, I know what you’re thinking, in fact, I can just imagine you right now sitting at your computer, jaw hanging, and quoting our dear Emmet from The Lego Movie: “Uhhhhhh…. I think I get it… Buuuut just in case, tell me the whole thing again I wasn’t listening.” (If you haven’t guessed already, Yes. I love The Lego Movie.)

But before I start quoting the entire movie, here is our Pros and Cons list!

Pro: Legos Bricks can help develop fine motor skills in children. They can also help them to think outside the box, or should I say brick, and be more creative!

Con: Small children can easily choke on many of the small pieces. (hence the creation of Duplo, but that’s another article) My family has had to store away our Lego Bricks multiple times as there were small children and babies in our home.

Pro: The Lego Sets are so much fun! You have directions on how to build a cool creation but you are not required to build it that one way. 6, 4 by 2 Lego Bricks, can be put together in 102,981,500 different ways!

Con: These sets can get a bit pricey.

Pro: Minifigures!! I don’t think I need to say any more for this one.

Con: Some of my siblings become protective of “their” Legos and don’t want to share them with the others.

Pro: Lego Bricks have educational purposes. Some homeschool families use them to teach math. Adding and Subtracting has never been more fun!

Con: Stepping on a Lego Brick in the middle of the night on your way to the bathroom. Holy guacamole! This is the meaning of pain.

And there you have it! The Pros and Cons of Legos Bricks! And one last quote for you, this one is from the Lego Batman Movie.

“White. All important articles end with a white page. And tying up loose ends.”

Best wishes to you and your Lego creations!



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