As for Me

I saw her destruction and chased it.  like a rapid it flew me  and in time it grew to be  A racing idea of some wicked creativity.  I saw Beauty and Grimace twining on the inside  Swaying like the trees, sounded like the tide,  it was wide like the stars in the sky  I gave... Continue Reading →

Laika Studios

No other studio comes close to rivaling the level of ingenuity that’s developed at Laika. Each one of their characters, props, and sets are made practically by hand, by incredibly talented artists. To make things even more impressive, everything’s all done in-house, only outsourcing materials.  Their style is incredibly unique as well, using traditional stop motion combined with the... Continue Reading →

Black Wall Street

Black Wall Street was one of the most prosperous black economies in American History. A man named O.W Gurley, a wealthy African American from Arkansas moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma in the 1889 Land Rush. When he got there, he bought over 40 acres of land and sold it to other black people in 1906. This community started as a small one, but it grew very quickly and was very rich.  This big... Continue Reading →

Europe 2019

This past summer I went to Europe, and it was such an amazing experience. The main reason I went was that my church was doing a mission trip in Romania, which I was excited about. We would essentially go to poor villages in Romania to do VBS (Vacation Bible School) and we set up an... Continue Reading →

Love at Last Light

The sun sets and things go dark There’s no light to be seen But only for a moment For she comes out And I can see Her light dances across me They say she borrowed it Uses what the sun lets her have It looks better on her anyways Not too bright Not too dark... Continue Reading →

Tazzy the ferret

After two years of begging, finally I got what I desired. A white and black-furred, with a little pink nose, masked, a little white speck of white fur atop her eyes, a thief and the sweetest thing in the world; a ferret.  I named that ferret, Tazzy after the Tasmanian devil from loony Toons, which ended up fitting her more than... Continue Reading →

A Word of Advice

To the ones in wake  of the false reality  To the ones waging wars  in your own head  To you that know not what to say  to the war wagers  To the ones who’s weapon a smile in the Ocean of  Darkness and Death  To the fearful or quarreled  And to dear me in a year passed, ... Continue Reading →

Webtoon: The Place to Read and Publish Comics

Available on smartphones and desktops, Line Webtoon is a platform for people to self-publish their own stories as well as explore other self-published plots.   There are two sections in Line Webtoon; Originals and Canvas.    Canvas (originally named Discover) is the self-published side of Webtoon.  What I mean by that is through the feature titled “Canvas” people are able to... Continue Reading →

Cracked Glass

The glass can shatter in the blink of an eye  Something could hit it  It could just give  Moisture could get in the cracks  Freeze, maybe expand, and widen the crack  And it would break  Glass is a fragile thing  You know not to drop it  Package it carefully when transporting it  And definitely don’t throw it ... Continue Reading →

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