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My Oasis

By: Olwyn

I’ve never been to this place, only in my daydreams,

A ledge of 50 feet, above a lake as blue as the ocean,

In the middle of a forest of trees and whispers,

A couple of willow trees, with their long vines brushing the soft ground,

A beautiful tuft of sea-green grass, perfect for reclining on,

A view comparable to Heaven itself, with the sunset flawless,

A warm breeze, a calm, chilling tickle across one’s neck,

A whisper on one’s tongue, almost spoken, but never heard,

A sense of peace, nothing that could cause anxiety of any kind,

A quiet hollow, an escape from this cruel world,

An oasis in its own right.


Drawing of Slash

By: Sierra 

My drawing of Slash

Knock Me Down

By: Daelyn Wilson
Knock me down
Push me to the ground
Yell in my face
Tell me I’m nothing
Hold me under
Shove me against the wall
Hit me where it hurts
And spit in my face
You can say what you say
Do what you do
Break me down to scraps
And tear me up inside
But don’t think I’ll stay down.
I will keep on rising, reaching
Getting up and marching on
Your words and actions have no effect
As they have always said,
‘Sticks and stones may break my bones
but words will never hurt me’
So shall I be
I will not submit
I will not give in
You will not win
So, watch me rise

The Three Friends

By: Torin McLaughlin

One day I saw him standing there

In front of our church, with blond hair

A guy about the same years as I

He, my opposite, not at all shy

Full of imagination we play games

Sometimes sorrows, and occasional pains

With worlds of beauty and adventure as our aims

A best friend from childhood

Rivalries did not destroy, this bond as it should

It could not be torn, there their bond so, strong

A great bond so close, it lasts an eternity long

Full of imagination we play games

Sometimes sorrows, and occasional pains

With worlds of beauty and adventure as our aims

Tears flow freely, as our chaos fades

The sadness like searing blades

More than I can handle, more than I can take

True friends, together, never fake

Full of imagination we play games

Sometimes sorrows, and occasional pains

With worlds of beauty and adventure as our aims

Ethereal Stars
By: Daelyn 
When the sun takes its rest
The moon shows a crest
Out come the stars
In beauty unexpressed
A galaxy of colors
The warmth of summer
Send bumps all up my arms.
I am surrounded by wonders
You can’t recreate the emotion
So many stars it’s like an ocean
The distance is so far away
From my notion
Hundreds of millions of twinkling lights
Make the indigo sky so bright
I wonder if I’ll ever reach
The daylit sky of pure midnight


By: Nick Star

The wind howl
As I scowl
Trying to make of the noise
I’m sick of being what I’ve become
I may never be different to some.
The ocean wave’s calm
Upon me as far as I see
They wash away the dirt of old and I start anew.

This is a photo I took representing thirds (the focus of the picture is one one-third of the picture). The rubber ducky is in the left third of the photo, the focus is on him with some color in the background to give a little more interest. There is also some intentional blurring of the background, again to keep the focus on the rubber ducky. 

Photo taken by Connor L

“Changes’  by Kaitlyn R

The sky changes from bright to a sun unseen 

The leaves change to orange from green  

The ground changes from dry to wet 

The mood changes from joyous to content 

The time changes to putting away the beach ball 

The seasons change from summer to fall 

The sky changes to a nice cool grey 

The weather changes each passing day 

The activities change to reading by a fire 

The mood changes to one of desire 

The temperature changes and makes you shiver 

The seasons change from fall to winter 

The sky changes to a nice bright blue 

The ground changes as flowers bloom 

The trees change as leaves start to grow 

The mood changes to happiness that will overflow 

The sounds change as birds begin to sing 

The seasons change from winter to spring 

The sky hardly changes, still staying bright 

The mood changes greatly as this time is made to excite 

The weather changes to bring about sweat 

The activities change to swimming and getting all wet 

The walkways change to be filled with runners 

The seasons change from spring to summer 

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