Inner Beauty-Confidence

By: Amber Schriner

confidenceConfidence is described as “a belief in one’s ability to succeed.” This shows that confidence is directly involved with one’s success. For example, an employer wouldn’t want to hire someone who appeared to be nervous and panicky. They would want to hire someone who came across as calm and composed.

Having self-confidence is very important in everyday life. For instance, having self-confidence helps to boost one’s self esteem, which then improves one’s mood. Low self-confidence can result in a negative disposition which can lead to poor hygiene and unhealthy relationships.

With a high level of confidence, one can be an inspiration to others. Confidence can often be contagious. If one surrounds themselves with confident people, then they are likely to become more confident themselves and achieve more. No one wants to fail and when one has confidence, their chances of failing are greatly decreased.

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By: Daelyn Wilson

Sherlock Pic.jpgSherlock is a BBC show starring Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes and Martin Freeman as John Watson. Many may call Sherlock cold, unfeeling, egomaniac and crazy. But when Watson needs a roommate, and Sherlock wouldn’t mind having one, who else could make a better pair than this iconic crime-solving duo. Plus, what could possibly go wrong.

Sherlock is full of ups and downs and has many twists and turns and plenty of humor for many. Follow Sherlock and Watson as they chase down murders to Moriarty. And many more cases that the incredible Sherlock solve. I mean, it is elementary, right?

Each episode is about an hour and half. And there are 3 seasons n Netflix. The fourth just finished airing on the BBC network. So if you like crime solving, humor, and BBC shows, check out Sherlock on Netflix.

Till next time!

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

By: Daelyn Wilson

fantastic-beastsHave any of you ever wondered what would happen if a wizard from Hogwarts lost a briefcase full of monsters in New York City? Well here is the time to see. Follow along with J. K. Rowling and see for yourself how it all plays out in the newest addition to the Harry Potter franchise, comes Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

Hufflepuff Newton Scamander has always been fascinated with creatures. While visiting New York on a study of magical creatures, Jacob Kowalski opens his case and releases most if not all of the fantastic beasts out of his case. Newt and Jacob now go on a hunt to try and capture them all again before the humans harm them. They ask for the assistance of two sisters, Tina and Queenie Goldstein and the four of them set off to save the creatures.

With plenty of action and lots of twist, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find them was a big hit amongst the fans of Harry Potter. Follow the wizard as he looks around New York looking for his lost creatures, battles off his villain, and tries to keep both the human race and the wizarding world safe.

Stay safe out there, wizards. 


Doctor Strange

By: Daelyn Wilson

Hello MARVEL fans!

doctor-strangeMany of you know that very recently MARVEL released their newest movie starring Doctor Strange! Who else to play the famous mystical protector than popular actor, Benedict Cumberbatch? While most people may stay critics while watching, as it may not be exactly like the comics, many people have been fans of the entire film. For those of you who don’t know who Doctor Strange is, please stay tuned and keep reading!

Dr. Stephen Vincent Strange, or more commonly known by his superhero name of “Doctor Strange;” is the current Sorcerer Supreme. According to the trailer for the movie, Doctor Strange takes care of all the “mystical” stuff, while the Avengers take care of the “earthly” threats. Doctor Strange was in a car accident that caused nerve damage and lost the use of his hands, as well as his job as a neurosurgeon. Trying to find a cure pushed him to find The Ancient One, who ends up being his mentor and plays a major part in turning him into Doctor Strange.

Doctor Strange has many powers; that include energy projection, matter transportation, teleportation, mesmerism, astral projection, time travel, and more. He is trained in martial arts and is a highly skilled athlete. Sounds very dangerous, huh?

Now that you know a little more going into the movie, I say you should go and watch it at your earliest convenience. From what I have heard about this movie, from the moment the trailer was first posted, people loved this movie, yes there are some haters, but they cannot please everyone.

Have a great time MARVEL fans!


The USA and North Korea

By Caroline Foskett

North Korea has never been extremely been fond of the USA or any other country whose founding principles are democratic. The North Korean government claims to be a socialist state which was formed after WWII and Korea was split into two parts: the south controlled by capitalist Americans and the north by the Soviet Union.

Shortly after this split, North Korea started pushing its way of life south across the 38th parallel which divides the country, and this started the Korean War that lasted from 1950-1953.  In 1953, a ceasefire ended the conflict, but no peace treaty was ever signed and tensions have been high ever since between North Korea and the world.

The reason tensions are high is because although North Korea claims to follow a government based on socialistic principles and holds democratic elections, many see it as a totalitarian dictatorship-controlled by one leader and the military.  Throughout the years, North Korea has strived to be a major military power and is always trying to make a nuclear bomb, and for many years other world governments including the United States have been keeping a watchful eye-trying to keep them from obtaining such power.

Presently, because of our capitalistic ways here in America and our newly elected president Donald Trump (who is known for his hard line approach to many issues) –tensions are at an all-time high between the two countries.  North Korea is launching missiles without warning, fairly close to the United States. These missile tests are interpreted as unsafe, and unpredictable. President Trump, is “not backing down” to these military threats, and constantly discussing how to approach the issue. “We’d love to solve things diplomatically but it’s very difficult,” explains the president. Trump also recently met with Xi Jinping, the Chinese President, earlier in Florida to discuss the issue. China is closely aligned with North Korea and does extensive trade with them. Trump’s logic seems to be to establish a good connection with Xi Jinping so that China can help rein in North Korea’s leader, Pyongyang, who is preparing for another nuclear missile test.

No one knows what the future will hold, will it come to military force and possibly WWIII or will Trump’s strategic negations be able to help the US use diplomacy in order to solve this long-standing issue?

Portland Mayor 4/25

By: Kamryn Brandon

Ted WheelerEdward Tevis “Ted” Wheeler is the Portland Oregon mayor. Wheeler is an American politician from Oregon. Wheeler was born August 31, 1962 in Portland, OR.  He attended Portland public schools and eventually graduated from Lincoln High School. After high school he went on to study Economics at Stanford University and earned his undergraduate degree in 1985. He also earned his MBA from Columbia University and Master’s in Public Policy at Harvard University.

Wheeler was first motivated to enter politics while volunteering as an overnight host at the Goose Hollow shelter and saw that there was so much to help needed for people. Wheeler is a part of the Democratic Party. He was the Chair of Multnomah County from 2007- 2010, he balanced the county’s budget during its worst year of the recession. In 2015 he entered the race for mayor of Portland and won the primary vote in May 2016 with more than 50% of the vote, he was sworn in on December 30, 2016 and started the term January 1, 2017. Wheeler launched a run for mayor October 14, 2015. This campaign included income inequality and ensuring government accountability. He promised to build a government that worked “for every person.” In 2015, former mayors of Portland, Vera Katz, Tom Potter and Sam Adams endorsed Wheeler for office. He was also endorsed by several groups including Basic Rights Oregon, The Portland Business Alliance, and the Columbia Pacific Building Trades Council.

His first action as mayor was to make assignments to the city departments, known as bureaus, and to the five commissioners. The mayor was one.  He assigned himself the Portland Police Bureau, the Portland Development Commission and the Portland Housing Bureau. He also stated that he would revisit the annual budget process in April and may change things around.

As for his political stands, he promised he would fix education by re-launching the Oregon College Savings Program. This allows saved money to go towards college. To make environment issues the governments problems by increasing investments in renewable energy funds. He supported the city of Portland’s ban on expanding fossil fuel infrastructure; make guns harder for normal citizens to get their hands on by increasing background checks, keeping the LGBTQ rights by enacting full healthcare benefits for transgender workers. Wheeler has been endorsed by a pro-equality candidate. He signed and supported the 2013 Oregon United for Marriage initiative, make sure women keep the rights to their  bodies by keeping abortion legal and access to reproductive healthcare affordable also by actively donating and raising funds for Planned Parenthood, and that the safety of the public isn’t jeopardized.

Wheeler has been a long time community volunteer leader and has devoted time to organizations including Neighborhood House, Portland Mountains Rescue and the Oregon Sports Authority. Currently he lives in southwest Portland with his wife, Katrina Wheeler and his daughter.


Women’s March

By: Kamryn Brandon

The Women’s March, launched on January 21, 2017, was a worldwide protest to advocate legislation and policies regarding human rights. These included women’s rights, immigration reform, health care reform, the natural environment, LGBTQ rights, racial equality, freedom of religion and workers’ rights.  The Women’s March overtook several cities across the United States; there was a total for 408 total marches. ‘The New York Times’ reported that crowd-scientists estimate that the Women’s March was three times the size of the presidential inauguration, which took place the day before. The crowd, scientists’ estimate, were 160,000 in attendance around the world. These protests were set up against newly elected President, Donald J.  Trump.

There were a lot of celebrities and activist speakers, all speaking on serious topics against Trump. Speakers included: Janelle Monae, Ashley Judd, Gloria Steinem, American Ferrera, Michael Moore and Scarlett Johansson. All stood up together against Trump and his administration. Some told stories, some read poems and some sang. Elizabeth Waren, Democratic senator of Massachusetts, was also among the many speakers at the March. “I’m here to fight back” her words, encouraging the crowd before the March in Boston took place.

Close to all the speakers had something to say about Donald Trump, most of which was negative.  Mentioning his 2005 tapes, him talking about grabbing women without their consent. For most these tapes were uncalled for and made him unfit to be president but most republicans still stood tall supporting this man. Democrats were outraged, some republicans considered switching parties and some did, but that didn’t stop them from helping him win the presidential nomination.

This was not an anti- trump protest, it was meant to “send a bold message to our new administration on their first day in office, and to the world that women’s rights are human rights” said the organizers of the Women’s March.  Some viewed this as an attack towards the president. This in turn, gives the women who attended and supported it, a bad rap. This entire event was considered family friendly and one of the most peaceful March / protests in the recent history of America.

Actions you can take to make sure our voices are heard:

  1. Register to vote.
  2. Engage in the activist conversations, or join one!
  3. Reach more people by hosting a voter registration drive.
  4. Know your party affiliation and voter registration laws.
  5. Mark your calendars for the next election, local or state.
  6. Get ready for midterm elections November 6th 2018


The First 100 Days of Donald Trump

By Caroline Foskett

On January 20th 2017, Donald J. Trump was inaugurated as the 45th president of the United States.  During his campaign, he addressed many topics that he would like to fix, replace or repeal. He has already accomplished some of the issues he has talked about, but still explains that there is more to come. This article is going to talk about things that Trump would like to accomplish, has already accomplished, and some things that Trump has struggled to fix so far in his presidency.

Along the campaign trail, one of the biggest things that Trump ran on was repealing and replacing Obamacare. Trump explains that Obamacare is an expensive “disaster” that results in premiums rising and options that are no longer affordable. Donald Trump can back up his belief that Obamacare is horrible because statistics show that most democrats within the government and nationwide agree with him on that issue. Trump claims that he will create new healthcare options that are affordable and better for the American people. Most bills that are trying to be passed are declined and not getting through due to opposition, but Trump is not giving up and continues his work on fixing our healthcare issue.

Another thing that Trump ran on during his campaign was bringing jobs back to United States. He says that too many great jobs are not in America, and he wants to get large corporations to bring their jobs back to this beautiful country so that more millions of Americans can get back into the workforce once again. He claims that if there are more jobs, then the poverty rate will go down-leading to a thriving economy and a better quality of life for many of Americans. Trump has already made tremendous progress with this issue bringing more than 10,000 jobs back to America in less than 70 days of being in office.

Illegal immigration is also something that Donald Trump has been trying to fix ever since he took the oath of office, and his goal is to find safe vetting areas to keep immigrants in until we come up with a better system. The reason he wants to do this, is because he does not want to risk any terrorists coming into our country. He also says that he wants to build a wall to keep terrorists from crossing over through the Mexican border. Many of Trump’s immigration bills have been declined (one by the Ninth Circuit Court), saying that it is racist and unconstitutional to do this to those seeking refuge in our country, however Trump is still trying to pass these bills on our immigration policies despite much opposition.

Jobs, Obamacare, and illegal immigration are just a few issues concerning our country and the American people today. Some of Trump’s attempts in fixing the problems plaguing our country have failed and others have gone quite well, but Trump still says that there is more to come.

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3rd Issue:inspired-ink-fantasy-nov-2016

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Little Alien
By: Jayden Fredrickson-Jackson
8th Grade ORVA Student


By: Nicole Cartier

By Ingrid Duke                                         29b5a49ef03c5bf27579383243b172a1

This is the first edition to the music column. So let me tell you a bit about what you will expect to see. This month is December so we will be featuring songs that made the top charts in December.

They will be some of my favorites but if you feel that your favorite song is being left out just let me know and I’ll put it in next time. To have a good music column, you need a variety of music genres  from different time periods. For now we will keep it simple with songs you might know or maybe you don’t and maybe you’ll find your new favorite song.

Welcome to the December music column! So pick one song from the top 100 songs of december from 2000 to 2016 (note for some of the years there are more than one song that is because I could not just pick one). The songs here are just some of my personal favorites. Here we go:

-2000 Who let the dogs out by the Baha Men (had to put it)

-2001 Family Affair by Mary J. Blige (a song you just can’t leave out)

-2002 Doo Wah Diddy by The Soca Boys (this a not the original but made a comeback in 2002)

-2003 Hysteria by Muse (a song most of you probably have never heard of)

-2004 Boulevard of Broken Dreams by Green Day (an all time favorite)

-2005 Suddenly I see by KT Tunsel

-2006 Welcome to the Black Parade by My Chemical Romance

-2007 Crank that (soulja boy) by Soulja Boy Tellem or Hey there Delilah by the Plain White T’s

-2008 I’m yours by Jason Mraz

-2009 Whatcha Say by Jason Derulo (my favorite by him)

-2010 Love the way you Lie by Eminem ft. Rihanna (one of their best)

-2011 The A Team by Ed Sheeran, Pumped up Kicks by Foster The People,Paradise by ColdPlay

-2012 Ho Hey by the Lumineers, Radioactive by Imagine Dragons, Some Nights by Fun

-2013 Sail by AWOLNATION, Highway to Hell by AC/DC, Livin on a Prayer by Bon Jovi, Summer of ‘69 by Bryan Adams, Rap God by Eminem, Mr Brightside by the Killers, The Monster by Eminem ft. Rihanna (apparently I really loved 2013)

-2014 Prayer in C by Lilly Wood and Robin Schulz, Oh Cecilia by the Vamps,Riptide by Vance Joy

-2015 You don’t own me by Grace ft. G-Eazy

-2016 Side to Side by Ariana Grande ft. Nicki Minaj, After the After Party by Charli XCX ft Lily Achty, Heathens by Twenty One Pilots, Fresh Eyes by Andy Grammer, Hymn for the Weekend by ColdPlay

These are my top 2000’s Billboard Favorites if you feel yours is unfairly being left out let me know and we can put it in the next edition!

Ms. Dowell teaches Geography and heads up the ORVA chapter of the NHS. Ms. Dowell is a great teacher with an awesome story of travel and adventure. We hope you learn a little more about one of our beloved teachers as you read on.

MW: Why did you become a teacher:

Ms. Dowell: In Gaelic we say that a profession is ‘in you’, it is not something you do, but something you intrinsically are. ‘S e tidsear a th’ annam, literally translated “it is a teacher that is in me”. I believe for those of us that become educators there is no truer statement. I am a teacher.

MW: Did you always want to be a teacher?

Ms. Dowell: Every person in my mother’s family is or has been an educator. When I was a child I rebelled against it, I wanted to be different. However, as I grew, I knew that I would teach, without a doubt. Yet I also knew that I did not want to teach right away, I wanted to explore the world and gain as much life experience as I could, in order to be the best teacher I could be. As a student I was always in awe of those teachers with exotic and amazing tales to tell, those that had traveled far and accomplished much, I wanted to give that gift my own students. I was determined to have life experience to solidify my classroom practices and content.

So I traveled, I learned languages, and sought education wherever I went. I walked the Great Wall while teaching English in China, learned to be a cartographer while studying in Scotland, backpacked the PCT while learning to be a Wilderness First Responder, and explored the Great Barrier Reef while studying education in Australia. Along the way, I explored every town I could, as slowly as I could, to gain experience. By wandering through temple ruins in Greece, medieval cities in Italy, cathedrals in France and castles in the UK, I soaked up all I could, gaining perspective, education and the life experience to be a teacher. This exploration is far from over and I will never cease to grab an opportunity to learn more about the world. My only hope is that I can inspire my students along the way, teach them what I know and encourage them to find their own path. If I can inspire students, then it is all worth it.

MW: What is your education background? 

Ms. Dowell: I began my own education at the University of Melbourne while living in Australia. I then moved back to my hometown of Portland, Oregon and attended Portland State University gaining my Bachelor’s in Anthropology and Geography with a minor in English. I gained a certificate in Cartography at the University of Glasgow in Scotland, a Master’s in Education from PSU, and just spent the past summer at the University of Oxford, England studying History, Society, and Politics. I strive to bring in all of my education and experience into the classroom; to help students discover who they intrinsically are. To inspire them to find their passions while gaining the life skills they need to be strong successful adults.

MW: What stuck out the most for you in high school?

Ms. Dowell: My friends I think. I had a big group of close knit people I learned a lot from in high school. I still keep in touch with some of them! I was into theater and volleyball, so it was quite a mix of people and a lot of extracurricular time. In drama we had a lot of freedom and independence to work on things (with power tools!). We had an amazing drama teacher; he was supportive and kind, while also being tough and making sure we figured things for ourselves. I had a few great teachers in fact, mostly in the Humanities department. We would hang out in the rooms or in the foyer after class and chat about all sorts of things we thought were very deep at the time I am sure. We were allowed to be pretty independent and creative at my high school and all the staff had high expectations for us, ultimately we cared about them and what they thought of us, so we all worked hard to achieve whatever they set out.

MW: What do you do for fun?

Ms. Dowell: Many, many things! My main hobbies include: travel, adventures, reading, comics, board games, art, archery, horseback riding, backpacking, rock climbing, camping, other wilderness related activities, cooking, baking, yoga, ballet, map making, watching movies, sewing, teaching, learning, coffee, languages, and… probably other things I am forgetting.

MW: You mention “map making” in the fun things you enjoy.  How did you get into “map making” and what does it mean?

Ms. Dowell: I like to make maps (as in cartography)! I have always liked maps, particularly old maps, and collected them for a while. I got into somewhat professional cartography in college. I worked mostly digital map making, using things like GIS, illustrator, and census information to visualize data. I have even contributed to a published atlas about Portland (Portlandness: A Cultural Atlas) while at PSU. Though as a hobby I mostly enjoy creating fantasy worlds and cities by hand with markers and ink. I have illustrated a large map of Middle Earth for a friend, and often doodle maps made up worlds while watching shows. I can draw maps and people, but that is about it!

It’s been great getting to know you Ms. Dowell, and we thank you for participating in our Teacher Spotlight! You a great teacher and you inspire many of your students. Thank you for all you do, we are lucky to have you!

Mrs. Geffre also fondly known as Mrs. G, currently teaches 7th grade Humanities for Oregon Virtual Academy. The Teacher Spotlight articles help people get to know ORVA’s teachers better. We are looking forward to getting to know Mrs. G through this article.

MW: Why did you become a teacher?

Mrs. Geffre: There are two main reasons I became a teacher.  1 – I love learning new things and teaching allows me to keep learning and growing as a person and as a teacher.  2 – I have always enjoyed working with children. I started babysitting around 10 and that turned into working at after school programs in college and a summer nanny job.  It all led me getting a master’s degree in Teaching and becoming a teacher. I get to continue learning new things and working with and inspiring students.  I try to make meaningful connections with each of my students and strive to be a positive and supportive person in their lives.

MW: What was your favorite teaching moment?

Mrs. Geffre: Oh wow.  There are SO many to choose from. I would say that moment every school year when I reach that point (with each new class) that I can relax and have fun.  That moment when my students really “get” me and understand my humor and teaching style.
MW: Which of your teachers was the most influential in your life?

Mrs. Geffre: My most influential teacher was Mrs. Johnston in sixth grade.  She was an amazing teacher and I loved being in her class. I have fond memories of her science notebooks and amazing science lessons. That was a great year for me!
MW: What do you do for fun?

Mrs. Geffre: I have so many things that I do for fun.  First of all, I spend as much time as I can with my family – my husband and two red-headed kids. I also love running, reading, traveling, and making things. I knit, write, cook, craft, and much more!

MW: What is your favorite holiday?

Mrs. Geffre: In the brick and mortar classroom, Valentine’s Day was always my favorite but being with family during the holidays is wonderful.  I love Thanksgiving because everyone comes together to celebrate and just be together. I love it.
MW: What is your favorite quote?

Mrs. Geffre: I’ve been really into Socrates this year and so I have to go with a great quote of his: “I cannot teach anybody anything, I can only make them think” – Socrates
MW: If you could choose one book to suggest to someone, what would it be?

Mrs. Geffre: Oh man, I LOVE books.  Let me see, I’ve got to go with one of my favorite all time books, The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton. I teach it to my 7th graders and first read it when I was in 7th grade. It is one of the books that made me love reading.

We are so glad to have such a dedicated and passionate teacher who loves to spark and motivate innovative thinking. Teachers do so much to benefit and improve the lives of children around the world. Thank you Mrs. Geffre!

Hello all!

The Teacher Spotlight falls on Mr. DeBenedetti! Mr. DeBenedetti, or Mr. D as many you may call him, teaches Chemistry, Physical Science, and Physics.

MW: Why did you become a teacher

Mr. DeBenedetti: I became a teacher because I had a passion for getting others excited about science.  I think science literacy is very important and want to teach others to think scientifically about issues.  Also, I really enjoy the high school age group.  I tutored high school students in math and science in college and realized that I did well with that age group.

MW: Did you always want to be a teacher?

Mr. DeBenedetti: No, it’s funny how I ended up in the profession.  I started with the intention of a music performance major, and loved chemistry and biology and switched.  I got a scholarship through the Oregon Laurel Scholars program at PSU and taught as an undergrad and graduate TA and loved teaching.  I also tutored high school kids and realized that I enjoyed them more than college students.  I still teach courses at Warner Pacific College every few months.

MW: What was your favorite teaching moment? 

Mr. DeBenedetti: My favorite teaching moment was when we talked about the reactivity of metals in water-specifically elemental sodium.  I cut some up and put it in water out in the football field with my kids well away from the experiment.  It was a blast-literally.  Lots of great conversation came from that.  ORVA is definitely stretching my skillset; I have to come up with other ways to “show” students concepts and demonstrations.  It’s something I’m continually working on.

MW: Which of your teachers was the most influential in your life?

Mr. DeBenedetti: My most influential teacher was my cohort leader in Teaching School.  I was in the last Math-Science Graduate Cohort at PSU.  Ron Narode taught math and science methods and was so excited to teach us to ask thoughtful questions to hook students.  I kept in touch with Ron after I graduated and started teaching.  He was always encouraging us well after our classes ended.  He’d have his former students over for dinner parties where we’d talk about the latest science research, what we were covering in our classes, and he’d suggest ideas while we ate and spent time together.  He was always sending us emails with updates about his family and asking us where we were teaching, how it was going, and how he could help.

MW: If you want your kids to learn one thing from you, what would it be? 

Mr. DeBenedetti: Be patient with yourself as you learn.  Set reasonable expectations for how long it takes to understand and learn new concepts.  Also, don’t take yourself too seriously.

MW: What do you do for fun?

Mr. DeBenedetti: I really like to kayak and hike and am really lucky to have such a great greenspace so close to home.  I live ten blocks from the Clackamas River and about a mile from the Willamette.  I swim in the summers and hike year-round weather permitting.  I also like to cook with my wife and eat!

MW: What is your favorite food? 

Mr. DeBenedetti: Indian and Thai food are my favorite.  The spicier the better.  I like really strong flavors and anything curry.

MW: What is your favorite holiday?

Mr. DeBenedetti: Christmas is my favorite holiday.  I have a lot of family and friends that I celebrate with.  It’s a close tie with Halloween though.  I love getting dressed up and having a good time.

MW: What is your favorite quote?

Mr. DeBenedetti: There are far, far better things ahead than any we leave behind.  –C.S. Lewis

MW: If you could choose one book to suggest to someone, what would it be? 

Mr. DeBenedetti: Just one?  The Handmaid’s Tale.  I read it my senior year of High School; I took Women’s Literature and loved it and this was one of those books that never left me; I still have my copy of it.  It’s a dystopian novel about resistance, oppression, and totalitarianism.  It’s relevant and engaging.
It’s been really great getting to know you Mr. DeBenedetti! Please keep reading for our next Teacher Spotlight!

Tom Clancy’s™ Ghost Recon: Wildlands

By: Keegan Baldwin


Ghost Recon is a game series by the team at Tom Clancy in collaboration with Ubisoft. This game is new ground for the people at Tom Clancy, this game is an open world third person shooter; similar to The Division. However, unlike The Division this game doesn’t have an economy. Well I suppose it kind of does. I played the open beta for this game about two weeks ago before the game actually came out to stores. They added more content, but some of it can only be gotten through the in-game store. That’s right kids. Micro-transactions. There was no store in the open beta. I’m kind of disappointed to be completely honest. And let’s talk about the ghost recon website. It doesn’t work. You watch videos to get points to get codes for in-game patches for your ghosts. They don’t work. You can enter in for a sweepstakes to win gaming gear for a PC, probably also doesn’t work. But I’m getting off-topic. Wildlands is a HUGE open world that is visually stunning and fun to traverse. The gameplay itself feels much like Metal Gear Solid with the stealth mechanics, the shooting is smooth and the team functions are very well made. The co-op is pretty good although I wish there were some co-op exclusive missions or dialogue or something. Something to make it feel special. Multiplayer is coming in an update soon along with a DLC season pass which I will probably break down and buy. The story is this; You and your team are a highly trained Black Ops team that doesn’t officially exist. You have been dropped off in Bolivia with a CIA agent named Karen Bowman (that’s not really her name, ooh secret!) who has been gathering info on the Santa Blanca Cartel that runs Bolivia now. They take in 4.5 BILLION dollars every year from their cocaine industry. The coca is exported to America and Europe and moved to other South American countries. Your job is to take them down. That’s it really.

I GIVE IT A 7/10 It could be much better will have to wait for DLC

Tom Clancy’s™ The Division

By: Keegan Baldwin

the-divisionTom Clancy’s™ The Division is a third person cooperative shooter developed by Ubisoft. Tom Clancy is known for his books and games in the action and shooter genres. The Division is very unique, both in its gameplay and concept. It’s an open world game based after an epidemic, a virus made by a rouge scientist was unleashed on Manhattan and the national guard and police have lost their hold on the city. In an effort to keep the virus contained, the coast guard has a blockade around the island and has blown up all the bridges out of Manhattan. You are a highly trained sleeper agent in a secret division of the government, which has been activated as a part of Directive 51 and was designed after a real test ran by the government called; ‘Dark Winter’. Basically, it was a test designed to test America’s readiness in the event of a biological attack on the general population in the form of a weaponized virus. We failed, terribly. Look it up, interesting stuff. It made me buy a gas mask. Tom Clancy and Ubisoft expanded on this idea and made it into an interesting video game. Anyway, there are several enemy factions that have taken parts of the city and killed many law enforcement officers, service men and women, and civilians. Your job is to take back the city with what remains of the police, national coast guard, and your fellow division agents. Beyond the story, which is pretty scattered, the cooperative play is very good. There are several things for you and your friends to do. It gets pretty repetitive, but it’s still a fun cooperative experience that you will enjoy for hours.

My official rating: 8/10

Final Studying/Reviewing Tips

By: Daelyn Wilson

It’s that time of the year again! The dreaded time of finals, but this time it’s for the end of the year, which means summer time! Woot, we won’t have to come back to school for what, three months? Yes! So, with that small amount of motivation, let’s get into some Final Studying Tips. I know I wrote one of these at the end of last semester, but I’m writing another because it never helps to have more tips and tricks in your magical school tool belt of awesomeness that you can use to march proudly through the doors to summer.

  1. Retaking Quizzes: If you have any quizzes that you may have failed, or maybe even just got an 80% on, and you can retake them, do it. If you can’t retake it, try to figure out why you missed that question by reviewing it. But going through and retaking, and reviewing quizzes helps you remember, and if you can retake them, you can bump your grade up.
  2. Use/Make Study Guides: If your teachers send out a study guide, use it, it’s always so helpful. If not, you can make your own by going through test questions and reviewing tests and your notes. Reviewing always puts the knowledge fresh on your mind.
  3. Sleep/Eating Well: Before you take your final, probably the day before/day of, you’ll want to get at least 8 hours of sleep and eat well. This will fuel your mind and help you think better (I mean, sleeping and eating well are important things that should be frequent everyday things, but they are even more important when taking a test)
  4. Don’t freak out: I know this one is always on the list. If you have studied and worked hard, you shouldn’t have any problem passing your finals, so you don’t need to freak out. It’ll be great, just take very many deep breaths, have water there, and just take your time when you take the test.

Well, other than those few tips and tricks for your finals, I have one more thing to say. Good Luck to all of you as you go in for the last stretch to the end of school. After school is over, please enjoy your summer break, and I hope to see you all next year!

Webmastering 101: Learn to Become A Web Design Artist/Programmer

By Austin Quinn

So, you’ve decided to take the first step to become a web designer? Awesome! In our modern age, people all over the world have decided to become more involved in technology. Whether it be a game designer, digital artist, or professional gamer, everyone’s joining the tech craze. But how do they do it? What’s behind it all? Here I can give you seven tips to not only help you out, but also get you started in web design.

Start browsing coding sites:

Coding sites of all kinds are available to both you and me. Some are free, and some will cost you, but even the ones that are free are worth it. Some sites to consider include Code Academy, which is completely free, easy to use, and a really good teaching site,  Code School, which will cost you, but is extremely interactive and comes with lots of features,  and finally Coursera which offers many different courses involving coding. This only scratches the surface of sites and sources available to teaching coding, if you really want to learn more keep browsing!

Google is your best friend:

No matter what it’s for, Google is your best friend. Anyone may say this, but it’s true. Have a problem? Look it up! Need to learn how to do something specific? Google it! Google will provide any resource that you can think of and is best for coding queries

Ask questions:

Whether it be because you’re having trouble, or you want to learn something specific, always ask questions. This helps others see what you’re good at, and it allows you to grow from the advice that others give you. It’s a big world out there and there’s lots of people out there. If you need help, say something! With everyone involved in the coding community, it’s like one big team; if you reach out, you might just find that your problem is solved and you have a couple new friend’s too.

Practice makes perfect:

No matter what it is, practice always makes perfect. You might read about how to code something, but you never really learn what your doing till it’s hands on and you can really play with and explore what your doing. So always go back and explore old topics. With practice, you might one day get to a point where it’s all like writing the alphabet.

Not everyone gets it immediately/Take your time:

Keep in mind that as you learn that this is not easy! Everything takes time to learn and some get it faster than others. And the funny thing is that the more time it takes you, the better your project will be. And if it’s not, then you revise. It’s all a matter of revision, once you don’t have any more problems you add in more things. Soon you might just find that it’s perfect and there’s no more to be done.

Have a problem? Something not working? Post it on forums!!:

Everyone encounters some type of problem while coding and learning. Whether it be a syntax problem, the wrong tag, or some type of miswritten code, keep in mind that the coding community is there. Post your code on a forum or GitHub, ask for some help. Within time you have a response and you might have a suggestion or two to make things better.

Website Hosting:

When web designing, there’s always one question that’s asked. What do I use to host my websites?! With many different companies offering hosting, its hard to choose. Do you go free or do you pay? Well, the thing is that it all depends upon your needs. If you are looking into blogging check our WordPress. If you’re running a business of some sort, try out Wix or Weebly. If you still don’t have what you need, then you most likely need a plan.  However, keep in mind that as you look through plans everyone is different. Make sure to look through the options and choose something that really has what you need.

Note-Taking Tips

By: Daelyn Wilson

How many of you take handwritten notes? Or notes in general. Whether they are notes online, or notes in a notebook, there are always different ways of taking notes. Many use the Cornell Notes, a few may use Mind Mapping, or Sentence Method, or possibly even a mix of note taking methods. Or maybe you just write things down in ways you remember them. Any way works. Below will be some of the most common note taking methods, and some that are less known.

  1. Cornell Method: Here it is, one of the most used note taking methods. You make a chart with two columns. The column on the left is for keywords, or questions, main topics, and stuff like that. The right column (which is a little bigger) has the definitions to words, and summarizes things in a short way. Above all of those, or below all of them, you can summarize the entire thing in a short 3-5 sentences.
  2. Charting Method: This is one that is a little more less known. Draw a table, the number of rows and columns will depend on what you are taking notes of. The headings on the top row should match your topic. Then just fill in the rest of the chart. Then, Bam! Notes have been finished!
  3. Outlining Method: Ever written up an outline for a paper or an essay? This is just like this. You have the main topics with sub ideas for as many as you need. It could range from 1 to 1000 (or even more), but 1000 is a lot of main topics, that must be one big chapter you’re reading. You continue until you have all of you notes, very neatly organized with roman numerals or bullet points. Easy to read and also fun to use as a note taking method.
  4. Sentence Method: Maybe you don’t like organizing your notes, maybe you just like to write it down and get it over with. That’s great. The Sentence Method is perfect for you. Each sentence or two is a summary or important details and gives you simple sentences. It’s efficient, simple, and fast.
  5. Mind Mapping Method: If you are a visual learner, then the Mind Mapping Method is the thing for you! This can get really visual with pictures and arrows and boxes, circles, whatever will work for you. How creative it can get all depends on how you draw everything. It can be really simple with lines and boxes and/or circles, or really crazy and awesome. Whatever helps you retain that information and understand.

There are a lot of ways that you can take notes. Not just one way for everyone. Note taking is something that changes between people because people all learn differently. Find the way that works for you and take notes to your heart’s content. Have a great time out there!

For more detailed information, check out the links below:



April the Giraffe 

By: Kamryn Brandon

April and TajApril was born in 2002 in the New York zoo. She’s about 15 years old, a giraffes life span is about 15 years old. In the care of humans, their life span can extend to 20-27 years old. This is her fourth baby. April has been with Animal Adventure Park since September 2015 and this is her first calf birth at the park. Once she’s done nursing she will be moved on to another facility. During the pregnancy, the father of the calf was not allowed inside with her. Males typically only care about three things mating, fighting and eating. These things could potentially be dangerous for the mother to be around. If Oliver, the father, was around April it was only under close supervised as it could be dangerous for her.

Giraffes are now considered “vulnerable” to extinction and every birth is important. This is the reason April’s birth was celebrated and watched worldwide. In the past three decades over 40% of giraffes population had dropped. Within a day a calf is able to stand so they can reach its mother to nurse. The calf stumbles a bit before it can find its footing. Within the first couple days the calf should be able to run, according to Animal Planet.

People all around the world where impatiently waiting for the arrival of April’s calf, a lot of people were tweeting saying that April might have faked the pregnancy to get extra attention from the zookeepers. Either way, April has taken the internet by storm. Around the world people thought this baby giraffe might never be born. Around 10:30 am Pacific Time (PT) on April 4th a zookeeper said that she is on the verge of giving birth. Zookeepers encouraged April to rest so she’ll gradually go into labor. It seemed as April refused to sit down and get out of the position that looks like she’s going to give birth. More than 200,000 people watch the live feed as they waited for the calf to be born.

A couple days later she still hasn’t given birth, the zookeepers anticipated that the baby calf would emerge within two hours and the birth would take less than 30 minutes. Views saw the baby coming out just before seven am (PT) on April 15th. The zoo had the help of the public to find a name for the baby calf though April’s website.

The calf is a healthy male, they named him Taijari. This name means “hope” in Swahili. They’ll call him “Taj” for short.

Travel or Muslim Ban?

Caroline Foskett

The current president of the United States, Donald Trump, has talked about the large number of illegal immigrants coming into our country and how to address the issue. In fact, it seems to be a main priority of his to fix the illegal immigration problem. Some people argue that he wants to ban all Muslims from the country and others say that it is a travel ban. Which is it?

The immigration issue starts with illegal immigrants coming into the United States, trying to escape their war-torn countries. However, the dilemma with this is that some of these illegal immigrants are part of the Islamic states such as Iraq and Syria which are deeply engulfed in civil war. These war-torn countries lack proper immigrant screening mechanisms whereby refugees and asylum seekers may enter without an adequate vetting process. This has led some to argue that we (United States) need to have better security systems so that these potential terrorists cannot come into our country.

Donald Trump explains that he wants to have “safe zones” and other vetting areas where he can keep these immigrants until we figure out our immigration security system. Nobody wants terrorist in our country-so why risk it? Some may argue that he is banning all Muslims from the country because a majority of these immigrants are Muslim and they also make the point that the United States has a moral obligation from a Human Rights perspective, to protect refugees from their war-torn countries. But people on the other side of the argument may say that not all of these immigrants are Muslim and whereby over 90% of Muslims may still enter the United States from around the world, and it is not a ban-he is just securing the safety of our country until our immigrant security screening is improved.

Recently, he tried to pass the Executive Order 13769, saying that suspends the entry of refugees and restricts some citizens from seven countries (Iraq, Syria, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, and Yamen) from entering our country. Instead, they have to stay in vetting areas until the U.S. gets the national security complication fixed. But the Ninth Circuit Court declined the order explaining that it is racist, unconstitutional, and has imposed an indo burden on citizens, businesses and individuals traveling to and from these countries and the United States.

Even though Trump’s executive order was declined, there is still more to come. He says that he is going to try again to pass this bill again in a different form. This executive order can be interpreted as both a Muslim ban or a travel ban depending on which sources you get your information from, and how you look at the issue. No matter what perspective you hold over this controversial issue and how just one position may be versus the other, what is apparent is that this battle between Trump and the courts is far from over.

Inauguration Day

By: Caroline Foskett

inaugurationOn January 20th 2017 the United States of America inaugurated its 45th President – Donald J. Trump, and this ceremony is one that the United States has had as its tradition in the transfer of power from the current president to the president elect.

The history of the inauguration goes back to when we inaugurated George Washington on April 30th 1789. After George Washington’s first inauguration the federal government changed the inauguration date to March 4th. It wasn’t until 1937 following the ratification of the Twentieth Amendment of the Constitution that the date changed to January 20th. The location of the inauguration has always been held at the capitol building in Washington D.C. Before inauguration day the president-elect will create a Presidential Inaugural Committee. The public is invited to attend the inauguration and other attendees include members of Congress, Supreme Court justices, high-ranking military officers, former presidents, living Medal of Honor recipients and other dignitaries.

With this recent inauguration, it has been said that it was different than any other inauguration, because our country is very divided over the recent presidential election. Many report that the speech that President Trump gave was not exactly positive. He focused his speech on how the country has many problems due to past administrations, and how he is going to change our country for the better. Almost all of the topics he talked about in his speech were topics that he spoke of during his campaign, but as some would say had a forceful and almost solemn tone throughout. At this point, we as American citizens can only hope that the change that President Trump promises will once again bring our divided country back together and see us flourish in economic prosperity in the future.

Spotlight: Mrs Rice, currently teaching Geometry.


Mrs Rice, why did you want to become a teacher?

Why did I want to become a teacher?

When growing up I was a child that struggled with math and reading in grade school, even with amazing teachers. I loved school. My childhood heroes are my parents, Mrs. Cornutt, my kindergarten teacher and good friend and Mrs. Hollycross. Looking back to Kindergarten, Mrs. Cornutt was a ton of fun. I have memories of reading in the classroom bathtub. Yes, we had an old bath tub in the classroom. Tons of fun. Third grade came around and I was over a grade level behind. The first week of third grade my teachers and parents moved me back to the second grade. Yes, I re-took the entire 2nd grade. Believe it or not this year was the beginning of things starting to click for me. Not only did I retake the Second Grade, but I started working with Mrs. McDonald and Mrs. Smith in the recourse room for extra support. My parents helped me with homework at home. My parents also helped me by getting me extra Tutoring with Mrs. Hollycross. I worked with Mrs. Hollycross after school and over the summers. With all this extra help, I was feeling pretty good about my school work, I signed up to help tutor students in Mrs. Cornutt’s first grade classroom that year. Mrs. Hollycross supported me through elementary school and into jr. high. On day in jr. high she told me it was time I teach her math. This was the same year I moved from general math to pre-algebra. My math struggles were not over. I struggled after pre-algebra in Algebra 1 my 8th grade year. I did not give up, I took Algebra 1 again my 9th grade year and rocked it! Mrs. Hollycross helped me gain the confidence I needed to succeed in school and continue into college.

What made you choose math?

Why did I choose to teach math?

After all the help I had in grade school with Mrs. Hollycross I was able to graduate high school with a good GPA and continue to Portland State the next school year. My freshman year I could not make up my mind on what I wanted to major in. I took a few businesses, math, programming classes as well as volunteered in Mrs. Cornutt’s 1st grade classroom. I had a huge problem I loved them all but the business classes were just not challenging enough for me. I decided to continue taking math and computer science classes while volunteering in Mrs. Cornutt’s classroom. After the second year, I still loved both but did not think I wanted to design computer software. My advisor at Portland State talked me into visiting a few middle and high school math classrooms since I was now majoring in mathematics and assisting in math workshop classes in precalculus and calculus. I decided to take the challenge of teaching math to secondary students and to this day over 10 years later, I still love working with high school math students.

Could you tell us a little bit about your family?

A little about me and my family:

This school year I am teaching Geometry for Oregon Virtual Academy. I graduated from Portland State University with a B.S in Mathematics and General Science with a focus in Computer Science. I have my masters in teaching from Pacific University and a middle/high school advanced mathematics certification (grades 6 – 12). I have been teaching high school math in Oregon since 2004.

In my free time I am working on a website for an upcoming Oregon Northwest Mathematics conference. My husband and I have three kids, 4, 6, and 18. My oldest is a college student studying electrical engineering. My younger two are both girls. I plan to stay in the Portland area for its greenness, awesome closeness to the beach and mountains AND the rain! I was born in Michigan and still have family in the Midwest and on the East coast. My students and friends would tell you that I’m a Frappuccino of fun with a splash of sass and chocolate chips of mathematical and technology savvy.

Thank you Mrs Rice! We appreciate your time and for answering our questions!

Studying Tips and Tricks!

By: Daelyn Wilson

Study week is coming!! Everything is approaching so fast! You are trying to figure out how you’re going to study. You may be freaking out, or you may be completely calm, either way, studying tips and tricks never hurt anyone.  Not all of the same tips work for everyone, so find some that work for you!

  1. Have study time in your schedule. You don’t want to forget about all your other school work, but you still need time to study. Set aside an hour or two every day to study. You can alternate on subjects, or do a little bit of each of them, that is up to you.
  2. Take frequent breaks. You don’t want to overwork your brain; because no one wants to take finals with a fried brain. Take study breaks. Go run around the house a couple times, eat a snack, or even take a power nap. Something 5- 10 minutes. Whatever you like to do during your breaks will be perfect.
  3. Make it interesting. This one might seem weird to some. But you can make your lessons into stories. Why? Well, stories are entertaining, and a lot of people love stories and remember them very well, so it makes sense. Make it fun! When it’s fun, people can remember it better.
  4. Study where it is comfortable. Not so comfortable that you fall asleep right away, but you don’t want to be uncomfortable while studying. Sit on your bed, or the couch. Make a pillow fort and study in there. Wherever you will be comfortable.
  5. Find a quiet place to study. You don’t want to have your little siblings, or even your older siblings, running around you and annoying you, keeping you from studying. Find a quiet place to tune out and study without any distraction. This will help to keep your mind focused and for the most part clear.
  6. Listen to music. This one doesn’t work for everyone, not everyone likes to have music in the background while studying. But for those who do, background noise is always appreciated. Listen to some calm music, or just some slower music, again, it depends on your music preferences. Don’t have it too loud, but just loud enough that there is some background noise.
  7. Study in a group. Some people study better when they have others with them or they hear different perspectives on something. If this works for you, get together with some friends and go around in a circle working on what one person needs to study or just has questions about and everyone can help. (If you use the study group, a most of the above can be applied in the group.)

There we go, find what works for you, use it to your advantage. Study all you can. But most important, don’t stress out. If you have studied, and you know the stuff, stressing out can make you forget. Stay calm. It is way better on your nerves and keeps you breathing and you remember stuff better.

For even study tips, check out these sites:



Teacher Spotlight: Mr. Neal

nealI grew up in a small farm town in Eastern Washington. In high school I sat in the back of class and made a beeline for the door once the bell rang. There were a few aspects of high school I enjoyed–Music Appreciation class, lunch, the hum and buzz of the hallways during passing time, basketball, and working in the library–but for the most part I found school boring, and so oftentimes I would skip school in order to read and write.

It wasn’t until I attended Big Bend Community College that I realized that school could be interesting. Once an Air Force base, BBCC was a long, sprawling campus of drab buildings connected by an underground labyrinth of tunnels and rooms. In the corner of the campus, in the basement of the cafeteria, was Professor Owens’ classroom and office.

Professor Owens was a wizard. He had read all of the works of Shakespeare and spent twoginabeau years studying Chaucer. His entire life was devoted to reading and thinking. In order to teach us how to read he made us study slides of the Voynich Manuscript. Every discussion and conversation with him brought so much clarity. I spent countless hours on every writing assignment. I wanted to learn as much as I could from him, but even more than that I wanted to impress him. Getting a paper handed back from Professor Owens was always the most nerve-wracking and exciting part of the day. On the final assignment for English 102, a 10 page memoir, was a small note, inviting me to join the newspaper staff, for which he was the advisor, and Film Cult (the school would not let us call it Film Club because they did not want to be associated with it); where we watched, and discussed, movies and cartoons. When summer break came Professor Owens sent me on my way with a stack of carefully chosen books from his personal library (I read each book twice).

Professor Owens was so generous and helpful and I honestly believe that it was because of his time and effort that I became a strong student.

gina-neal-family-session-4After finishing up at BBCC I married my close friend, Gina and moved my tiny family to Portland so that I could attend Multnomah University. I had so many amazing experiences at MU: I met amazing people, ran the school newspaper, won an award for my writing, and taught my first english class at a small homeschool co-op. Teaching at the co-op is where I got struck by the teaching bug. I made the students read Franz Kafka’s The Metamorphosis three times, and watched as the students went from hating the novella to loving it. It is hard to describe how awesome teaching is without uttering some worn out platitude or cliche, but there is a peculiar thrill a person can only get from teaching: it happens when a particular class goes well and you feel the students learning, or when you read a piece written by a student and you can see a maturity in the writing that was not there before.

After Multnomah I worked at a coffee shop and attended Portland State University, taking English and Philosophy classes a la carte. While at PSU I decided that I wanted to pursue teaching. I enrolled in Concordia University’s Masters in Teaching program. Todd Schweitzer, the former high school principal at ORVA, called the school and asked for an English teacher and they gave him my email. We exchanged a few emails, I interviewed, and began teaching at ORVA.

What I love most about teaching at ORVA is the students. We have a unique student body and I’m so impressed with how kind and supportive they are toward their peers. I try my hardest to channel my inner Professor Owens, knowing how powerful a teacher’s generosity, instruction and feedback can be in the life of a student.

Self –Esteem

By: Daelyn Wilson

Well, here we are, less than a week from finals and the end of the semester. Stress is beginning to flood in and we are all having our doubts and fears. Well, stop right there. Take a deep breath, yes a really deep one. Now let it out. This article will be pulling stress about finals and self-esteem together so you can do your very best at finals this year!

The definition of self-esteem is, “confidence in one’s own worth or abilities; self-respect.” Self-Esteem is hard to keep up when you feel like you have no good things to focus on. So these are tips to find that self-esteem that can be found in everyone.

  1. Be positive. Say goodbye to all those negative thoughts and self-criticism. Who needs that? Nobody does. Make way for sun and happiness!! Think about the best case scenario instead of the worst case scenario or if you start to doubt your abilities just stop and say “No way, I am awesome! I can do this!”
  2. Stop comparing yourself to others. No one is the same. So when you compare yourself to others, it makes you look bad. So, yeah that person is smart, awesome, and confident, but so are you! When you compare yourself to someone who you believe is better than you, you forget about all your strengths. Remember your strengths! They are very important.
  3. Accept Compliments. Someone just pointed out how awesome and amazing you did on that project. Don’t shrug and say, “Anyone could’ve done that.” This is someone seeing you and how awesome you are. Someone complimented your You should look them in eyes and say “Thank you for that.” When you receive a compliment, it boosts your self-esteem just a little more.

All of the above can be applied to your confidence as well. Self-esteem and confidence go hand in hand and they work together to make you super awesome! Now, remember these as you start to study for finals and doubt, fear, and negative thoughts start to occupy space in your mind. Push them out and make way for all the information you are studying to remember. Negative thoughts take up space that can be used for positive thoughts, useful information, and good criticism.

Now with all that, do you feel at least a little better? Well, I hope you do. If you practice these few things over and over, study, and don’t stress out or freak out or anything, you will be fine. Have a blast studying and don’t forget to breathe! Good luck to you all!

Three Branches of Government

By Caroline Foskett

3-branchesUnited States of America’s federal government has three branches: Executive (President, Vice President and appointed Cabinet member), Legislative (Congress: House of Representatives and Senate, and Judicial (Supreme Court and other lower Federal Courts). The Founding Fathers who outlined the Constitution, created the three branches of government in 1789 when the United States Constitution was founded.

The Executive Branch is made of the President of the United States, the Vice President, and Cabinet members. The Executive Branch is responsible for enforcing the laws we have in the United States of America. The President is in charge of the United States government and military, and has the power to sign legislation into law, or veto a bill trying to be passed. But even though the President vetoed the bill, Congress can still override the veto by getting two-thirds vote from both the House and the Senate. The President can be elected for four years, and can be re-elected for another four-year term, serving a total of eight years. The Vice President assists the President in making decisions, and operates as the Presiding Officer of the Senate. If the President cannot continue to serve, the Vice President will take the place as President. Cabinet Members are appointed by the President and have to be approved by the Senate. The job of the President and the Vice President in the Executive Branch is to enforce laws that are written by Congress. The President also gets to select Cabinet members if the Senate allows. The Cabinet is responsible for day-to-day application and administration of federal laws, and all members of the Executive Branch work together to enforce different laws.

The job of the Legislative Branch (also known as Congress) is to carry out the laws. This branch is composed of two houses of Congress-the Senate and the House of Representatives. Each state is represented by two senators thus there are one-hundred senators total in the United States. Each of these senators has a six-year term, and is chosen by direct popular vote-the Vice President is the President of the Senate. The second part of Congress is the House of Representatives, and is made up of four-hundred thirty-five members (population of the state dictates how many Representatives are elected per state). The leader and officer of the House of Representatives is the Speaker of the House. The Speaker of the House is third in the line of succession to the presidency, behind the Vice President. The members of the House of Representatives are elected every two years, and the powers of the House include to initiate revenue bills, impeach federal offices, and elect the President of the United States, in case of a tie in our voting system: The Electoral College. Both parts of Congress have equally important jobs that help our federal government thrive.

The Judicial Branch of our government interprets the context of the law, administers laws to specific cases, and chooses if laws breach our United States Constitution. It consists of Supreme Courts and other lower Federal Courts. The Supreme Court is the highest court in the United States, and the President nominates the nine Supreme Court Justices with at least fifty-one votes from Congress. The justices don’t have a term limit so they serve until death, removal or retirement. The Constitution allows Congress to establish these Federal Courts, and together they and the Supreme Court interpret and evaluate laws.

The reason the Founding Fathers created the three branches of government, is because they did not want one person to have too much control of the entire government. With the three branches of government, the power is divided up into three parts, which would keep the President from becoming dictatorial thus keeping the United States’ government running in a fair and just way.

The three branches of government are one of the many unique things about the United States of America. Our government is the longest running government in history, and hopefully it stays that way.

The Electoral College

By Caroline Foskett

electoral-college-1Lately, there have been some upset Hillary Clinton supporters after the following 2016 Presidential Election, which Clinton lost against her Republican rival, Donald Trump. These supporters are arguing that Hillary Clinton won the popular vote, so she should be president. These supporters’ beliefs are justified because she did win more votes, but because of the system we have in the United States, The Electoral College, she lost the election. This has recently led many to question why the Electoral College has been created and how this system protects American democracy over a more “direct” democratic system whereby the majority rules.

The Electoral College was put into place by the Founding Fathers who established it in the United States Constitution. The Founding Fathers debated between many ideas on how to elect the president. They suggested the idea that Congress should choose the President of the United States, but that idea was abandoned. Another idea was to have State Legislators choose the president, but this idea was also rejected. At last, after many debates, an idea was suggested by a “Committee of Eleven” in the Constitutional Convention to establish the system we have today known as the Electoral College.

electoral-college-2There are 538 electors in the Electoral College, and at least 270 of them are required to vote for one of the candidates in order for that candidate to win, thus, becoming President of the United States. In each state, the candidates that are running for President have a group of electors. The number of electors is based on how big the population is in that state. For example: a state like Oregon which has a fairly small population, is going to have less electors than a state like Ohio, which has a bigger population. In every state, except for Maine and Nebraska, the candidate who wins the most votes gets the electors for that state.

The Electoral College is in place today because the Founding Fathers feared that a dictator or tyrant could easily win the election by persuading or manipulating voters.  They felt that if citizen-appointed electors had to decide the next president based on the best interests of each state, then tyrants and dictators could not come into power.

There are many pros and cons to having an Electoral College in place.  The main benefits to keeping it would be to make sure that one group of people (a majority) could not decide the outcome of the election and what is best for the country.  In this way, the Founding Fathers ensured the protection of minority factions would not be ruled over by a few largely-populated urban areas.  The downfalls to having this system would be that even if you won the majority of American votes, you could still lose the election.
While the debate rages on, the United States reigns as the world’s longest-running government whereby many other political systems of the world have collapsed time and time again. Even though it is imperfect, the Electoral College was put into place to protect democracy and the American people from a tyrannical demagogue. For over 230 years, the Electoral College has given voice to the lowest populated states to our presidential electoral process as outlined in the United States Constitution.

NHS Student Appreciation Week!

Hello Readers,

The end of the semester is so very close. Everyone can see the light at the end of the tunnel. But also approaching fast is finals. And NHS recognizes that students get stressed out and they begin to doubt how awesome and amazing they are. So, for the NHS Group Service Project (GSP) this semester, they have decided to do a Student Appreciation Week.

Student Appreciation Week will show support and appreciation for the students. How will NHS do this? Well, there will be letters sent out to Advisory classes, students will be highlighted for doing well in classes, and more! NHS wants you, the student body, to feel appreciated.

NHS truly hopes that this GSP will help you see how smart all of you are and how much you can accomplish when you set your mind to it! They also hope that you will be able to enjoy it and inspire others. Together, we will make it to the end of semester!

Stay determined. Stay focused. Stay awesome!


Students of the NHS

To find out more information, check out their YouTube video:

Question from Christiana: Why are there no ORVentures in December?


Christiana, ORVA has no ORVentures in December since there is only two weeks of school and we have just returned from Thanksgiving break. The next ORVenture that will be happening will be in January. Thank you so very much for the question. I very much hope that this answered it.



Inner Beauty-Confidence

By: Amber Schriner

confidenceConfidence is described as “a belief in one’s ability to succeed.” This shows that confidence is directly involved with one’s success. For example, an employer wouldn’t want to hire someone who appeared to be nervous and panicky. They would want to hire someone who came across as calm composed.

Having self-confidence is very important in everydaylife. For instance, having self-confidence helps to boost one’s self esteem, which then improves one’s mood. Low self-confidence can result in a negative disposition which can lead to poor hygiene and unhealthy relationships.

With a high level of confidence, one can be an inspiration to others. Confidence can often be contagious. If one surrounds themselves with confident people, then they are likely to become more confident themselves and achieve more. No one wants to fail and when one has confidence, their chances of failing are greatly decreased.

Mint Chocolate Cheesecake

By: Daelyn Wilson

Christmas has passed. But, the busiest holiday of the year is always full of lots of cheer. People are moving about to get the perfect gifts while others are cooking and baking for those family Christmas parties. One of my favorite things to make around Christmas is cheesecake. Last week at one of my family parties I made a Peanut Butter Chocolate Cheesecake. This Christmas Eve, for another party, I decided to make a twist on it instead, since some of my family members cannot have nuts, I decided to replace the peanut butter with mint.



1/12 C. of Sandwich cookies, crushed (I used Oreos)

3 TBSP melted butter (I used it to make the crust push in better.

Cheesecake Filling

4 (8 ounce) packages of cream chees, softened

1 C minus 2 TBSP of sugar

4 eggs

1TSP vanilla

1 C of chocolate chips (milk, dark, or semi sweet will work. It will be mixed in half of the cheesecake filling)

1 C Andes Mints (This is what I used, if you have another minty chocolate candy that will work too or just minty candy either one)

For the Chocolate Ganache

½ C. Heavy Whipping Cream

1 cup of chocolate chips (again, milk, dark, or semisweet, completely up to you)

For Garnish

Andes mints

Whipped cream (I used Reddi Whip)


  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees
  2. Mix crushed Oreos with melted butter. Press into bottom of 10–inch spring-form pan. Cook for 7 minutes or until set,  be careful to not over cook. Let cool on wire rack.
  3. Reduce oven temperature to 300 degrees
  4. In an electric mixer, beat softened cream cheese, sugar, and vanilla until smooth and creamy. Add eggs one at a time beating well after each addition. Divide batter evenly between two bowls. (You can measure on a kitchen scale if precision is important, but if it isn’t, estimation is okay).
  5. Melt 1 cup chocolate chips; stir into one of the bowls of cheesecakes batter; pour on top of crust prepare pan.
  6. Melt Andes mints and stir into the other bowl of cream cheese. Pour it on top of the other layer.
  7. Prepare water bath by first wrapping your spring form pan in a wide sheet of tin foil. You cannot use overlapping small sheets of tin foil or the water will seep in and ruin the crust. You can also use a turkey-roasting bag.
  8. Place wrapped spring-form pan inside a large pan. You can use a jelly roll pan (An edged cookie sheet will work) if needed. Place the pans inside the oven and pour water in until it reaches halfway up the spring-form pan or to the top of the bigger pan, this will depend on what pan you use. Water bathing helps the cheesecake rise evenly and cook so there isn’t one edge that is overcooked.
  9. Bake cheesecake at 300 degrees for 55 – 65 minutes or until the center is almost set. Don’t over bake. If there are small cracks, don’t worry; the Ganache will cover those up.
  10. Place on a cooling rack and cool for about 1 hour. Run a knife around the edge of the pan and remove sides of pan. Place cream in microwave safe bowl and heat for 1 minute or near bowling. Pour chocolate chips into cream and let sit until soft. Stir until chips are melted and mixture is smooth and creamy. Pour chocolate over top and side of cheesecake. You may want to place your cheesecake on a cookie sheet t catch the run off.
  11. Refrigerate at least 8 hours or overnight.
  12. Cut up Andes mints however you want, I cut them into strips and garnish top of cheesecake. Serve with whipped cream, or put the whipped cream on top and then garnish with Andes mints, completely up to you. You can keep leftovers in the fridge up to a week, or freeze up to a month.

*If you are interested in doing the Peanut Butter version, use ½ cup of peanut butter and soften it when you stir it into the half of filling. And garnish with mini peanut butter cups instead of Andes Mints*

I hope that you had a great time during the holidays! Enjoy the New Year and we’ll see you all on January 3rd!

Battle of the Century: 2016 Election

By Caroline Foskett

trump-vs-clinton-1The election is coming up and it is time to vote. Some people say that this is the most important election in history: Donald Trump versus Hillary Clinton. Both candidates have their flaws, but they also have extremely good ideas.

Donald Trump has said some “mean” and “offensive” statements in his political career, and some of his ideas may not be the best, for example; building a wall between the United States and Mexico. This may seem like a strange and bad idea, but if you think about it, we are having terrorists coming into our country, and hurting American citizens. Some people think that this is a harsh or even a racist idea because it is not letting immigrants come in through the U.S./Mexico border, but he just wants to put a wall there until we figure out what we are going to do about the mass exodus of immigrants out of their war-torn countries. His defense of these actions is that he is simply trying to keep good, hard working Americans safe.

On the other hand, let’s talk about Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton is running off of the fact that she is a women, and that she is fighting for women. She has some good policies, and she is a good debater. On September 11th 2012 in Benghazi, Libya, four Americans were killed, including U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens, and some blame Hillary Clinton who was the Secretary of State at the time of the attacks saying that she did not do anything about it. Also, during Hillary Clinton’s term as Secretary of State, she had used her family’s private email server to handle classified information. The Federal Bureau of Investigation decided to investigate the email controversy, and later found that 113 of her emails were marked as “Classified”, 65 labeled “Secret” and 22 emails classified as “Top Secret” which would be a breach of national security.

Now it is time to go vote! The smart way to vote is to consider the pros and cons of both candidates before making a final decision. The future of America is based on this election!

 The ‘DaddyOFive’ YouTube Controversy 

By: Kamryn Brandon

DaddyoFive PicBefore this controversy was brought to attention, the channel ‘DaddyOFive’ was very small. Their videos consisted of “pranks” they would pull on their kids, some innocent while others seemed more intense.

The video caught the attention of multiple famous YouTubers. In their videos, the YouTubers analyzed the pranks and the severity of them. It was quickly understood that this was an obvious case of child abuse. The way they spoke to their children, mostly how they spoke to the youngest boy was enough for a child abuse case in the public’s eyes but the child protective services need a little more information before throwing blame where it might not be needed.

In the first video, you see the mom, Heather (Cody and Emma’s step- mother) talking relatively calmly explaining the prank to the audience involving invisible ink. The video cuts off and suddenly all you hear is her screaming for Cody the youngest boy, to get upstairs (the words she used weren’t school appropriate) but let’s just say for the sake of understanding the whole situation, Heather has a very foul mouth. Their dad, Mike, handling the camera follows Cody as he runs upstairs. Their mom and dad repeatedly ask him what he did and what’s on the carpet. At this point both Mike and Heather are yelling and using bad language towards Cody, the youngest boy. Cody is obviously in distress; he begins to cry. His face is red from fear and exhaustion; all he’s trying to do is prove he’s innocent. Then his brother Alex chimes in saying he was with Cody the whole time and he didn’t do it. The parents turn the blame to Alex, who seems to be a couple years older than Cody, for ruining the carpet and start yelling at him. Alex begins to raise his voice trying to defend himself in fear of getting in trouble. Then almost randomly, Heather shows the kids a small bottle, the bottle that held the invisible ink before Heather dumped it on the carpet. Both parents start laughing, making fun of the Cody and Alex for crying and for believing them. They explain that the ink isn’t real and showed the kids how the ink is disappearing after it started drying. They are obviously still upset. Their dad laughed at Cody and Alex and said, “You just got owned!” Once the parents see that they aren’t taking it well, they then decided to “comfort” them by saying “it’s just a prank, Bruh!” Cody face still red from crying.

These videos show how this family chooses to speak to each other. The abuse not only comes from their parents but from their siblings too. The video that has just been described isn’t even half of the problem. If you go farther into their YouTube channel the abuse is constant. They have made their YouTube channel private to the public. This seemed as a step towards getting better as a family, but some think they’re trying to prevent further legal investigation. The public has pointed out a lot of different types of abuse in the home or child abuse in general but the main points are, Mike pushing Cody into a book case, Mike punching Cody’s arm because he was touching something he wasn’t supposed to be touching, the older siblings throwing Cody to the ground and Mike telling Emma’s older brothers to hit her for a game.  A majority or all of the abuse it directed towards Cody and Emma. There are instances where Mike, is recording Cody while he’s upset or crying asking his dad to leave him alone or to stop recording him but Mike refuses to stop, giving him no space or and little respect. Their parents seemed to not care about the well being of their children and more about how much money or fame they will gain from posting their videos on YouTube.

After the well-known YouTube personality, Philip DeFranco, saw the videos posted to their YouTube channel he decided to use his platform to help the kids, especially Cody. DeFranco wasn’t the first to raise concerns about the abuse going on in the Martin household but he was the first major YouTube personality to address the issue publicly.  Hundreds of people watched DeFranco’s video about the abuse going on in the Martin home. Another YouTube personality, Steven Williams, brought attention to the issue.  People on YouTube reported them to Child Protective Services in Maryland many times and supposedly they have been investigating more than once for child abuse.

After the Child Protective Services was said to complete the first investigation there was a petition asking for the CPS to “reinvestigate” the Martins. The petition had more than 17,000 signatures. The story became even bigger when a woman identified herself as Mike Martins ex-wife, biological mother to Cody and Emma.  Mike and Heather were unfit parents and proven that over and over throughout their YouTube channel. As of recently, Cody and Emma’s mom have won emergency custody of her children, which is a great step towards getting the children out of an abusive environment, however some are still worried about the older children. Many people believe that they should be in jail. The founders of DaddyOFive still feel they were just playing a game but others feel the children in their home are unsafe. Mike and Heather have blamed many other YouTube personalities for blowing the situation out of proportion. Many people believe that the YouTubers that brought light to the situation did absolutely nothing wrong. Mike and Heather can’t seem to take responsibility for any of it and continue to blame someone else for their wrong doings.  No one will know the real story from their side, because these parents seem to lie about the situation. At first the videos were said to be fake. After a while they claimed the videos where scripted and the kids enjoyed acting. The lies never added up and they were always changing the story. In their last apology, they did however, admit to be blinded by the “YouTube fame” and admitted to making poor parenting decisions.

This family is supposedly in family therapy working through their issues and seeing a life coach. If what they say is true, we are relieved that the Martin’s are getting the help they truly need. As of today, Cody and Emma are safe and living with their biological mother. The people of the internet community are happy that Cody and Emma are finally out of that situation and able to be their normal selves.

April the Giraffe 

By: Kamryn Brandon

April and TajApril was born in 2002 in the New York zoo. She’s about 15 years old, a giraffes life span is about 15 years old. In the care of humans, their life span can extend to 20-27 years old. This is her fourth baby. April has been with Animal Adventure Park since September 2015 and this is her first calf birth at the park. Once she’s done nursing she will be moved on to another facility. During the pregnancy, the father of the calf was not allowed inside with her. Males typically only care about three things mating, fighting and eating. These things could potentially be dangerous for the mother to be around. If Oliver, the father, was around April it was only under close supervised as it could be dangerous for her.

Giraffes are now considered “vulnerable” to extinction and every birth is important. This is the reason April’s birth was celebrated and watched worldwide. In the past three decades over 40% of giraffes population had dropped. Within a day a calf is able to stand so they can reach its mother to nurse. The calf stumbles a bit before it can find its footing. Within the first couple days the calf should be able to run, according to Animal Planet.

People all around the world where impatiently waiting for the arrival of April’s calf, a lot of people were tweeting saying that April might have faked the pregnancy to get extra attention from the zookeepers. Either way, April has taken the internet by storm. Around the world people thought this baby giraffe might never be born. Around 10:30 am Pacific Time (PT) on April 4th a zookeeper said that she is on the verge of giving birth. Zookeepers encouraged April to rest so she’ll gradually go into labor. It seemed as April refused to sit down and get out of the position that looks like she’s going to give birth. More than 200,000 people watch the live feed as they waited for the calf to be born.

A couple days later she still hasn’t given birth, the zookeepers anticipated that the baby calf would emerge within two hours and the birth would take less than 30 minutes. Views saw the baby coming out just before seven am (PT) on April 15th. The zoo had the help of the public to find a name for the baby calf though April’s website.

The calf is a healthy male, they named him Taijari. This name means “hope” in Swahili. They’ll call him “Taj” for short.

The Beauty Behind Writing

By Austin Quinn

Every day authors everywhere are weaving stories and tales that people all over the world adore. Yet no one sees the beauty behind the writing, what it’s based on, what the true meaning behind the text is, and most importantly what it means to both the author and the reader. As an author myself, I strive to create worlds in which someone can lose themselves and characters that people can relate to. Other authors do the same things. The most imaginative minds seek thrills and worlds more fantastic than our own. Authors all over the world try to bring those worlds to life.

It’s about taking smaller details and being able to organize them in a way that not only makes sense, but has an impact upon the readers, whether it be the death of a loved character or the rise of an epic plot. It could be something as small as finding out someone found love and in turn did not get their heart broken, or something as huge as finding out that the one person you thought was good, just ruined everything.

Sometimes it’s not even about the reader, it’s about the author trying to bring a certain memory, event from history, or dream to life so that they too can experience it. It can be real or it can be fiction but this doesn’t lessen the value of the story. A world made up can be just as amazing as a factual World War 2 story. The only difference is that in the end, one is fact and the other only exists as the reader sees it.

Authors don’t always go towards the more typical topics. It’s about bringing the unexplored to life and then surrounding it with a plot that can be loved. Sometimes a piece of writing doesn’t have a great fan base, but this doesn’t show the actual value of the piece. The piece brings value to the reader. People like myself will go grab a fantasy piece that others will look down on as being not worthy of reading. Then I might look down on a piece they want to read in the same way. But in the end, the result is the same. The reader gets to explore something that they truly love!

Celebrate Your Name Week: Monarch Writers Staff

By: Monarch Writers Staff

Every single one of us have a unique and meaningful name. Whether it is a combination of family names, or name from a T.V. show that your parents liked, or just a normal name with an awesome and variation of spelling. March 5th to March 11th was Celebrate Your Name Week. And to celebrate our names, we decided to do a little research on our and find more about them. And we encourage you to do the same.


My name is Austin. Based upon some research it means august, dignified, and holy. Its an English, Irish, and Latin contraction of Augustine. It’s a very popular name for boys. According to BabyNamesPedia, “The name’s popularity jumped from the 1950s up to the 1990s. At the peak of its usage in 1995, 1.289% of baby boys were given the name Austin. Its ranking then was #10. The baby name has since declined in popularity. In 2015, its usage was 0.284% and its ranking #69, but it was nonetheless the most popular out of all boy names in its group. In 2015, Austin was thrice as popular as the next most popular name, August. In the past century Austin has predominantly been a baby boy name. In 1994, baby boys named Austin outnumbered girls by 97 times.”


My full name is Caroline Gail Foskett. Caroline comes from my father’s side of the family his mother was Carol, and that is how my parents thought of Caroline. Beverly Gail is my grandma on my mother’s side, and I get my middle name from her. My nicknames include “Carolion” and “Carebear”. My parents knew that they wanted me to be named after my grandma Carol who passed away a couple years before I was born, but if I was a boy I would’ve been named Keith Charles after my dad’s father Keith and my mom’s father Stanley Charles.

Mrs. Lower:

Vineeta is a Hindu girl name from India.  According to several sites it means humble and unassuming.  As well as that the person (me) is fixed in my opinions, firm in my friendships and square in my dealing with others. Another site says that it means dependable, down-to-earth and grounded.  The prime desire is to build protected and secure environments and home and at work (www.sevenreflections.com.  And according to www.everydayfamily.com the numerology value of the name “Vineeta” is a 9 that lends meaning to humanitarian, in that there is concern for or helping to improve the welfare and happiness of people, alleviation of suffering.  The value also mean Transcendent, meaning going beyond ordinary limits.  I sure hope I can live up to all that.


My name is Daelyn. The name itself means “small valley” and it is of English origin. It is a version of the name Dale, that means “Valley” and is of English origin. And it is combined with the name Lyn,  that means “Lion or Leader” and from Welsh origin. Some places say that, my name gives me creative qualities and that I am a sensitive person.

16 Personalities: Personality Test

By: Daelyn Wilson

I may know what you are thinking, “I’ve take hundreds of personality tests and none of them seem to get anywhere close.” That is a problem we all face sometimes in our lives. Being teenagers we are trying to figure ourselves out to know who we’re going to be when we leave the safety of our own home. This can sometimes be challenge. This test will help you out as a teenager, or even as an adult. Even though the test will not be exactly spot on, it gives you an idea of how it could be in theory.

On the site 16 Personalities, listed below, it has more than just the test. Feel free to poke around and check it out, but this article will be focusing on the test and possible outcomes. The test itself doesn’t take that long to take, somewhere around twelve minutes.  It goes through many sections each one going over a different part of a personality. When you get the results, they will be in a four letter format with a dash letter, either an “-A” or a “-T”, at the end, i.e. ENTP-A.

The first letter is, Mind. This is how we interact with our environment. It could be Introverted (I) or Extraverted (E). The second letter represents Energy, or where we direct most of our mental energy. There is Intuitive (N) and Observant (S). Nature is what the third letter represents, how we cope with emotion and how we make our decisions. In Nature there is either Thinking (T) or Feeling (F). The fourth letter is Tactics, or how we approach work and planning things. The two traits you could have is Judging (J) or Prospecting (P). The dash letter represents Identity, showing how confident we are in our abilities and decisions. There is Assertive (A) or Turbulent (T).

Now, there are 16 possible outcomes you can have after taking the test. There are 4 groups of 4. Each group has two personalities that are introverted and two that are extraverted. The letters in between can range depending on the person, but each group will have two traits that won’t change at all. In the first group of 4, called Analysts, there is, Architect INTJ (-A/-T), Logician INTP (-A/-T), Commander ENTJ (-A/-T), and Debater ENTP (-A/-T). The Two traits that are shared are “intuitive” and “thinking”.

Next is the group known as, Diplomats. Here you have Advocate INFJ (-A/-T), Mediator INFP (-A/-T), Protagonist ENFJ (-A/-T), and Campaigner ENFP (-A/-T). They all “intuitive” and “feeling”. The third group is Sentinels. Under this title there is, Logistician ISTJ (-A/-T), Defender ISFJ (-A/-T), Executive ESTJ (-A/-T), and Consul ESFJ (-A/-T). Sentinels have “observant” and “judging” always in common. Last but not least there is the Explorers. Virtuoso ISTP (-A/-T), Adventurer ISFP (-A/-T), Entrepreneur ESTP (-A/-T), and Entertainer ESFP (-A/-T). Explorers each have “observant” and “prospecting” in common.

Once you have taken the test, it tells you to go read more about the personality that you got. Learn more about how they function, the past, maybe even famous people that shared that personality with you. You can explore and learn more about whatever you want to. You don’t have to have a membership to take the test or look at articles. It’s completely free. Go ahead take the test. Have your parents take it too! You could be 1 out of 16 personalities, while they might be another, maybe even the same. Which might you be?


*For more on their theories and ideas and how everything works in more detail, check out the article below*


Goodreads and Good Reading

By: Mr. Benedict

Tired of seeing your aunt’s posts on Facebook? Bored with dog filters on Snapchat? Annoyed by the Twitter Trolls? Never even heard of Myspace? It’s time to introduce you to the (perhaps) nerdiest social media you’ll ever need: Goodreads.

Allow me to introduce you to Goodreads (www.goodreads.com). Here you’ll find information about and reviews of every book you can imagine. Each book has its own page with a place for everyone’s ratings and reviews. Ok, yes, so far not much more than you’ll find on Amazon, but Goodreads also features a variety of user generated lists (ranging from “Books that should be made into movies”—City of Ashes is the current leader—to “Zombies!” –World War Z is the current leader). If you’ve wanted to read the most important books of all time, you’ve got several lists to get you started.

Furthermore, you can keep track of your own reading! This can be long lists of your “read” books or organized into various bookshelves. Then you can compare your reads to your friends and see how you rated them. It’s also a perfect place to keep track of your “To-Read” books, because you can never have too many books. Then, set up your reading goal for the year…10 books? 52 books?

Also, the members on Goodreads actually care about and fully get into their posts, reviews, and lists—true bibliophiles through and through. This leads me to my favorite aspect of Goodreads, friends. What’s a social media site without friends? While we book worms might stereotypically be introverts, we do love to talk about our favorite books as well. You can becomes friends with other readers (and authors) and see what they’re reading and suggest books for them too.

For a limited time, if you join, you can even friend me to get started! (Look me up as Mark Benedict.) It’ll beat looking at my Myspace page any day! Happy reading!

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