Cutting Horses

Cutting is a western style equestrian competition, where a rider preforms on a horse in front of a panel of judges. The horse gets judged on its athleticism and its great ability to work bovine, bovine is what we know as cows. The competition usually runs the course of 2 ½ minutes, but can run longer. The competition is ran by four people, two people in the back to keep the cows from running out of the arena, the other two are you keep the cows all balled up to prevent cows from running from the herd. The typical roping cows are young steers or heifers, usually around the weight of 400 – 650 pounds. The breed of cows are typically angus, Hereford, or mixed line with charolais lineage. The contestant is to make at least two cuts from the herd.  

Once the competitor has cut the calf out of the herd successfully they are you keep the calf clear out and away from the herd. Once the calf is where you need it, the horse all has control once the rider drops the reins and gives the horse its head, the rider can make leg cues with is allowed. The horse also gets judged and hoe savvy and stylish the horse is. The judges will score you with the points being from 60 – 80 with the average score being 70. The competition of cutting dates way back into the old days when farmers would use horses to get their cows in open range. Certain breeds of horses were used for this sport.  

The main breed that was used is called a Quarter Horse. The open range cutting is now an international sport that is typically preformed in an inside arena. Some prized that have been giving away is 1 million dollar purses, saddles, belt buckles, money, and some other horse tack etc. Cutting is necessary for working on a cow ranch do to the fact when you need to bring individual calves or cows in to get vet checked, branded, castrated, and vaccinated. Some of the competitions are called futurities, which an even where you can win purses, added money of the such as hundreds, thousands and even millions of dollars. There is also a competition that is called Triple Crown in which horses have an age limit of three years old. The NCHA Super Stakes is limited to four-year-old horses. The PCCHA futurities is open to all ages of horses.  

Author : Jacob L

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  1. This had a lot of really great and correct information in it, great job. I own 3 horses, one of which that jumps just for fun I don’t compete, one we use for hunting, and are third horse is actually very sick but getting better steadily. Do you own any horses?
    I enjoyed reading this, it had a lot of great information and was very enjoyable to read. Great Job!


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