Winter Adventure!

By Annmarie Wilcox

AW-Photo1In December 2013, my whole family flew to Alaska to spend Christmas with my aunt, uncle, and cousins.  Altogether, there were seven of us cousins. There was a ton of snow, and all of us had a big snowball fight with my uncles. It was seven against two, but they still managed to win. We all kept trying to run and not get hit with snowballs, but the snow was so deep we all kept falling on our faces. We were, of course, aiming for their faces. Our snowball fight somehow got onto the trampoline, which was covered in inches of snow.

AW-Photo2After we spent a few days at their house, we went to their cabin for Christmas. We had to snow machine to it, which was about a 30-40-minute ride. The cabin is completely off-grid: there is no power, no running water, and no bathroom, only an outhouse! The cabin was a 5-person cabin, but we somehow stuffed eighteen people in it.  One of the best parts was all the views and the sunsets. All of us cousins loved going for snow machine rides and just playing outside in the snow! One of the things I remember most was going on the snow machines to go find a Christmas tree. We tied a huge sled to the back of a snow machine, and all the cousins rode in it; it was a great memory with all my family, and it was so much fun I will never forget it.

We made a lot of memories and it was a trip that I will never forget. The entire trip was filled with laughing and having fun and every second of it was a new memory.  The cabin and the views were probably my favorite part of the whole trip, and I will never forget any of it, and I would absolutely love to go back!

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