The End of Summer

By Jess Sigmund

The End of Summer Photo 1
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In the last few days of summer, Rylie and Connor went out to the beach, conveniently located in Rylie’s back yard. Her family always spends their summer in their beach house, and Connor usually comes too. They’ve known each other since freshman year, and now they’re going to be seniors. They want to make this summer the best summer they could possibly have before the year starts, considering it’s their last free summer before they both head off to UCSD in the fall. UCSD has always been a dream for them, and luckily, they got in together. They’re best friends and they always have been, and they hope they always will be. They run down to the beach and jump straight into the water, splashing each other and pushing each other under the surface.

The End of Summer Photo 2
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Rylie’s little sister Ellie runs down the beach hoping to join in the fun, but right as she gets out into the water, a huge wave comes and sweeps her up, pushing her as she tumbles under the water. Rylie and Connor swim to where she was as fast as she can and about two minutes later, she floats up to the surface about ten feet away. Connor rushes to her and pulls her onto the sand. She’s swallowed too much water, and she’s not breathing. Rylie runs as fast as she can over to the lifeguard tower for help, and they both rush over to Ellie. As the lifeguard begins CPR on Ellie, Rylie runs to the house to get her mom. As they are both running back to Ellie, the lifeguard turns her onto her side and she starts breathing and coughing up water. Their mom rushes to her and wraps her in a huge hug just as their dad runs out asking what happened. He picks her up and they all go back into the house so that Ellie can rest and recover. Though Rylie and Connor didn’t have the most fun day, it was definitely the most eventful day of their summer and they surely would never forget it.

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