The Brown Cat That Came For Dinner

By Emily Reed


The Brown Cat the Came for Dinner Photo 2It was a fine sunny day in Katville. A grey cat by the name of Oscar was chilling on the couch, humming happily as he watched the Kitten Bowl. Suddenly, he heard something smash through his basement window.

“What was that??” He immediately thought. He stood up and ran on all fours down to the basement. His eyes widened when he saw a brown cat, sitting there on the floor.

‘’Excuse me,’’ Oscar said, making his way over. ‘’Who are you and what are you doing in my house?’’ The brown cat looked up and hissed, getting up.

‘’Don’t come near me! And YOUR house? This happens to be my house.’’ Oscar began to get mad, his fur puffing up.

‘’Look I don’t know you, but I’m going to try and be nice.’’ Oscar walked closer to the other cat, taking a deep breath. ‘’Would you like a snack? For us both to calm down. I got some Friskies Chunky Beef.’’ The brown cat looked up at the other, slowly nodding.

‘’… Okay…’’ He mumbled. Oscar grinned.

‘’Great! I’ll get two bowls. Meet me upstairs in a minute or so.’’ And with that, Oscar walked back up to the first floor, the brown cat following behind.


About 5 minutes later, they sat at Oscar’s table eating the Chunky Beef. ‘’So…’’ Oscar said with a half-full mouth. ‘’Why did you break into my house?’’ The brown cat was nearly scarfing down his food.

He looked up at Oscar with a glare. ‘’Oh,’’ Oscar mumbled. ‘’You don’t have a home, do you?’’ The other cat slowly stopped eating, shaking his head.

‘’Well not really…’’ Oscar smiled and held out his paw.

‘’I’m Oscar, by the way.’’ The brown cat slowly shook his paw.

‘’Skitty… I’m Skitty.’’ Oscar took a deep breath and burped.

‘’Ah, nothing like good old Chunky Beef.’’ He looked over at the TV. ‘’Hey Skitty, do you like the Kitten Bowl?” Skitty nodded, already on his second can of food. Oscar stood up, taking his dish to the sink. ‘’Would you like to watch it with me?’’ Skitty nodded.

‘’Would it be alright if I take my food, as well?’’ Oscar nodded.

The Brown Cat that Came for Dinner Photo 1‘’Of course, it’s really no problem.’’ Within a few minutes of their conversation, they were both watching the Kitten Bowl. Skitty laying on a pillow and Oscar laying on the top of the couch. ‘’Ey, Skitty.’’ Oscar began, Skitty looking up.

‘’Yeah?’’ He replied.

‘’You can stay as long as you’d like.’’ Skitty closed his eyes happily.

‘’Thanks, Osc.’’ Oscar closed his eyes too.

‘’No Prob, Skit.’’

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  1. I really like this story. It was great how they started out about to fight but then became friends. The way both characters were cats and everything else was about cats made this story really fun to read.


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