Lily’s Birthday

By Angel Anderson

Lily's Birthday Photo 1

It was a month before Lily’s birthday. She had just finished writing and decorating her pink birthday party invitations to her friends Odessa, Oscar, Zoe, Zephyr, and Samuel.  She had known them since kindergarten; they were her neighborhood friends. Lily’s father said he’d deliver them to their houses. She was so excited because she was planning her birthday party to be at the park.  Though it seemed like her birthday would never arrive.

After a long restless month, Lily’s birthday had finally arrived. It was a Saturday morning. She was eager to know when her parents were going to decorate the reserved location at the park. Lily was very excited because she was turning fourteen years old and planned the way she wanted her party to be decorated. It was difficult for her to remain calm and act normally around her parents. However, Lily noticed that her parents looked disappointed.

“Lily”, said her father, “there’s been a change of plans. The forecast calls for rain, so we’ll have to cancel the party.” Lily was distraught by the bad news; she wanted to cry. She was really looking forward to having her fourteenth birthday party in the park. Now, she would have to call her friends and tell them her party was canceled.

The party was canceled, and Lily was endlessly sulking around the house. Arnold, her younger brother, tried his hardest to cheer her up, but his efforts were fruitless, so he asked their parents for help. Lily’s parents decided that Lily’s father would take her birthday shopping while her mother stayed home and prepared a birthday dinner. Her parents thought this would cheer Lily up. It didn’t. Nothing seemed to make her happy. Nevertheless, Lily went shopping with her dad anyway, and Lily’s mom reminded them to be home by 5 o’clock for dinner. Lily and her father left for the shopping mall.

Lily's Birthday Photo 2Returning from the shopping mall, Lily and her dad finally got home in time for dinner. Lily was feeling down because she was hoping for a birthday party.  Her dad asked her to go into the family room and turn on the lights. Lily did. Suddenly, everyone jumped out and yelled, “Surprise!” Lily was happily astonished! She saw the beautifully decorated room and lovely pink birthday cake. Her favorite foods and lots of gifts were on the table. Most of all, her wonderful family and friends were there too. Lily was very happy. Her birthday party went well. She was extremely grateful for everything. It was the best birthday party ever that she would never forget.

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