Finding My New Friend

By Connor Loblein


Finding My New Friend Photo 1One day, when I was about seven, my Mom and I heard a very loud crying noise. She said she thought it might be coming from a big bush by the fence. In the past, she had seen cats go under there when they were moving their kittens. We started to walk toward the bush, but the crying kept seeming as if it were coming from farther away. Sure enough, when we got to the bush, there wasn’t anything there, but we could still hear the sound of a small kitten crying, very loudly. Next, we started walking down the driveway, and still couldn’t find the kitten. Now, it sounded even farther away. We thought it was coming from the park next to us.

We started walking over to the park when my mom thought she saw a little tiny thing up on one of the large decorative rocks. As we got closer, we realized it was a kitten. I could tell he was really scared because he kept shaking and crying. Just as I reached out to pick him up, he jumped down from the rock and took off running. I went after him. Every time I would get close, he would run away another ten feet or so. This went on for about twenty-thirty minutes. Then, he stopped under some playground equipment. I went over and sat next to him and started talking to him very quietly. I didn’t want to scare him more; I wanted to let him know that everything was going to be alright. After quite some time, I reached out and picked him up. He immediately snuggled close to me. Mom said it looked like he melted into me. That was it. From that moment on, he was my new kitty.

Finding My New Friend Photo 2He was a very sick kitty and Mom thought that he was probably dumped at the park because of it. He had a cold, fleas, and ringworm (which we figured out a couple of weeks later). Mom figured he was probably only about four weeks old because he wasn’t even eating solid food yet. But, none of that mattered. We gave him wet food, got rid of the fleas and ringworm, and nursed him back to health. Today, he is still with us and whenever I pick him up, he still snuggles under my chin. He is a big healthy Siamese cat. I named him Bentley. From that very first day, he became mine and I became his.




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