Earth’s Mightest

By Jasmine Roberts

Earth's Mightest Photo 1I stepped out of the airport with a small suitcase looking around for an Agent by the name of Phil Coulson. When I spot a man in a suit and sunglasses standing in what I like to call an ‘official’ stance, I start to walk over.

“Miss Roberts?” the assumed man asked.

“Indeed, you must be Mr. Coulson.”

“I am. How was your flight?” He asked. A normal question to ask but the answer is the code.

“It was quite alright, there was a kid behind me that made it seem longer,” I answered, which basically just let him know that there was someone I suspected to be following me and we needed to get out of there. Agent Coulson nodded and started walking to a standard SHEILD armored car. As he unlocks it I get into the passenger side, placing my suitcase on my lap. Coulson gets in and locks the door, taking the precautions that had been put in order since Directory Fury’s mishap.

“Nice to meet you, Agent Roberts, now as you already know I am Agent Coulson. Fury has sent me to retrieve you and take you to where he will debrief you. You said someone could have been following you? You are free to talk in here the soundproof system is activated,” He insured.

“It is lovely to meet you as well. He was a scrawny bit of a man, but his eyes seemed to follow me and the case the whole time,” I said back to him. HYDRA has taught us not to underestimate or overlook even minor things.

Coulson nodded, “Alright, well let’s head to the meeting it is at 4 or, uh- 1600 hours.”

“We do say 1600 hours outside of the states, but I am in your territory so 4 o’clock it is,” I smiled.

“Alright and please call me Phil; no need for formalities,” Coulson said with a small smile.

“I will, but only if you call me Jasmine, Phil,” I said back looking out the window, into the city. It was quite different from London. We reach our destination in no time, and I realize we are outside the Avengers tower. “Phil?”

Earth's Mightest Photo 2“Yes?”

“Why are we at the Avengers tower?” I questioned looking up at the magnificent building, although no one should tell Tony Stark that I said that.

“Because the debriefing is on the 87th floor,” he said nonchalantly.

“I see… well after you,” I said as we walked in, to which we were greeted by an A.I. that Coulson had called F.R.I.D.A.Y. which I thought was a peculiar name. We step in the elevator and realize that instead of regular elevator music or even silence, it had none other than AC/DC playing quietly. We arrive on the 87th floor and I follow Agent Coulson into a room down the hall. We hear some chatter as Coulson opened the door and walked in, but I froze.
because sitting around the table is none other than Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.

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