Camping At The Dunes

By Damien Whispell

Camping at the Dunes Photo 1This is the story about the last time that our family had gone out camping at the dunes… and the events that unfolded there. To give you some context, usually every year my family and I all go out on these trips during the summer so we can all get out and ride our bikes and enjoy time off. Usually, when we go, we’re with a huge group of people, all who take their campers out, and we park in a huge group in the middle of the dunes. This year, we figured it was going to be like normal. I and my sister would each bring a friend, and we’d camp for a few days and have fun. However, little did we know that it would end up being a little more traumatic than that.

My sister and I are both known for being show off’s (especially with our friends there). The first two days were just fine; we woke up and rode all day, like normal. Our last day was when it happened. My sister and I were both getting some last-minute riding in before we had to put the bikes away and get ready to head home. So naturally, we were trying to have fun. Kaylie had her friend on the back, and I had mine. As a dumb dare, I told Kaylie to ride my bike which was way bigger than hers. She rides a 250cc and mine is a 400cc with racing upgrades (and a clutch I had to teach her to use). We were speeding through, winding down the little trails by our campsite. Kaylie was behind me for a while until eventually, I looked behind, and I didn’t see her; that’s when I turned around and started heading back. I decided to take a different route back just in case she was coming because I didn’t want to hit her.

Camping at the Dunes Photo 2A few moments later Spencer tapped on my bike and told me he heard something; I looked around, but I didn’t see Kaylie anywhere, and at this point, I was freaking out thinking that she crashed. I picked up my speed a little bit and came around a corner when all of a sudden BAM! Yellow streaks flew across my vision as I saw my bike barreling towards me in slow motion and smashed into me, hurling Kaylie over the handlebars and in between the bikes somehow. Her friend flew forward and hit the handlebars, preventing her from further injury. I jumped off immediately, with me and my friend both surprisingly not hurt at all. I ran in between the bikes as my friend pulled them apart. In between, I saw Kaylie laying without her helmet on and almost lifeless. I began to shake her, and I yelled her name, but she didn’t move. As this was happening, her friend ran back to camp to get my family. Within a minute or so the whole camp was there, and Kaylie had started to come to. She hit her head and had gotten a concussion, and I had the biggest rush of anxiety in my life. We towed the bikes back and Kaylie laid down; upon calling the hospital and getting information from them, we decided to head home. After having Kaylie checked, we had her rest and got her recovered, with no other injuries that took place. Unfortunately, to this day we can’t get Kaylie back on the bike, but we’ll cherish the memories we all made the years before.

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