The Worst of YouTube 2018

By: Hannah Arnold


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There are some great videos on YouTube, an entire conversation’s worth. For every person, there’s a video they’d argue is the best, and they’d have their points, but I believe it’s safe to say that YouTube Rewind 2018 is the absolute best video of 2018. What a way to close off the year, with so many awful things that have happened,  with an awful video full of ingenious pandering, only the best YouTubers, and by capitalizing the very best trends of 2018.

In all seriousness, it was awful. Starting the “YouTube Rewind” with Will Smith was not a good idea, as he isn’t a YouTube creator. It has become a trend that YouTube will heavily feature actors and celebrities who have no real connection to the site. This year was trying to pander to everyone and fails, annoying those they tried to target. During the opening, they attempted to hit the “Fortnite” craze, and appeal to the gamers who play it, then moving on, added as many different language speakers as possible, to appeal to those who spoke the language.

Later on, they try to appeal to the k-pop fandom and bring them in by having a segment for k-pop, which was executed poorly. In fact, by generalizing k-pop, and only playing one artist, BTS, they didn’t do a very good job appealing and seemed almost ignorant to the other artists of k-pop. Nevertheless, the real weak point is the campfire scene, with all the people voicing what they thought was important in 2018, and they do have good points. Encouraging education, being vocal about mental health, they are all very important and valid points. But they didn’t belong in the video. It broke the flow, and with the Better Help scandal on YouTube, it wasn’t appropriate to celebrate something which took advantage of those seeking help.

There are many complaints, but none was even as big as the fact that with all the deaths in 2018, the Rewind never thought to mention the deaths of Steven Hawking, Stan Lee, or Stefan Karl Stefansson. During the entire video, it seemed they honestly didn’t know what their audience wanted, and despite trying to allow “everyone” their chance to control rewind, it didn’t even hit a single note anyone was hoping it would. It is no surprise that this video is the most disliked on the entire platform, at 15 million dislikes. All we can hope is that YouTube takes what their users are saying and improve for the new year.

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  1. The video sounds like a crap shoot. For someone who doesn’t use YouTube as a platform to try to make a video as a recap of YouTube and their year isn’t the best idea especially if you are using it to please everyone.


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