My List of Lesser Known Music Artists

By Takoda Suppah



Etalify is a music artist that posts on both YouTube and SoundCloud, a free music-streaming service. He mainly creates chiptune songs, all of which don’t commonly make it past a thousand views. With only 457 subscribers on YouTube at the time of writing this, his following is rather small. However, this doesn’t reflect the quality of his music.

A lot of the retro-styled songs he creates are done with a program called Famitracker, which allows skilled users to create songs using sounds and instruments ripped straight from the original Nintendo Entertainment System. This allows for music that truly sounds like it came from the 8-bit (or 16-bit) era. And Etalify uses it for almost every single original song he makes. A good selection of his creations have catchy melodies and beats but also have a unified style that makes it recognizable as well. If you’re a fan of retro-styled game music that has a dark kind of feel to it, then Etalify is a great choice.


Shadowblaze (Nick Nuwe)

Shadowblaze is a YouTube music artist who makes tons of original songs. Most of these are heavily inspired by video games, and Shadowblaze makes them sound like they could fit right into its source of inspiration. They typically use the same kind of tone and/or instruments but stay original simply by how unique the melodies themselves are. This creates a great selection of music that sounds like it could be from various games. Like Etalify, Shadowblaze currently has less than 500 subscribers on YouTube now, a number that had to be earned over the course of 2+ years. If a mix of many styles and tones of instrumental music sounds like it fits, then Shadowblaze will provide.




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