Look Back on 2018 – Movie Review: “Incredibles 2”

By Izzy Jones

Incredibles 2 - cover

So much happened in 2018! And now we have made it into the year 2019! Taking this step forward wouldn’t be complete without taking a look back at where we were before, welcome to the best and worst of 2018 edition of the Monarch blog!

I decided to do a throwback movie review of the Disney sequel of The Incredibles! I was so excited when I heard about the second movie coming along, and got to go see it in the theater with my family. The movie starts off where the last one ended, The Incredible family is walking in the parking lot after Dash’s first track meet, when the Underminer drills up out of the ground and is going to attack the city.

It goes on to Mrs. Incredible, or Elastigirl, being hired to help bring back Supers, and Mr. Incredible learning how to be a good dad.

Besides the great storyline, the animation was also amazing: fantastic detail in everything, from hair to pool water.

The movie was so funny and had me rolling with laughter in some parts. Overall I’d give this movie a 4.5 to a full 5 stars. I’d definitely recommend for a family movie night!

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