Best Outdoor Photo Gallery of 2018

By: Caryssa Scott


Photo by: Joshua Bright

One of my favorite photo galleries of 2018 was “Grappling with Mortality in the White Mountains” by Joshua Bright. After his 7-year-old son was diagnosed with a chronic heart condition, he decided to take him backpacking in New Hampshire.

The photos were emotionally striking as well as heartwarming. They thoroughly make you sympathize with a father trying to help his son live to the fullest. While surrounded by gorgeous nature, the photos have a sentiment of family bonds and struggle. With some of the photos having a shallow depth of field, usually on people, it helps you to focus on what is important in the photo and helps you to connect with the person in the picture more and gives it a more centered feel. Others have a wide-angle that shows the beauty and the atmosphere of the mountains; you can practically feel like you’re there.

The gorgeous photos can really connect you to the family and the mountains. I think it was one of the best of the year because of how splendid and thought-provoking the photos were and because of the great commentary by Bright.

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