Why “Super Meat Boy” Remains One of the Best Platforming Games

By Takoda Suppah 


Super meat boy.jpg
Image from Wikimedia 

“Super Meat Boy” is a fast-paced action platformer available on the Xbox Live Arcade (XBLA), Steam (PC), Wii U, and Nintendo Switch. Initially released in 2010, this game has garnered attention from the across the world, and remains popular amongst platformer fans. 

And it’s no wonder – this game is packed full of many, bite-sized levels designed to be extremely challenging, but fair at the same time. You actually feel rewarded for beating these brutal levels. Every time you die, whether it be from one of many sawblades, rocket launchers, or even piles of salt, the game respawns you instantly, letting you jump back in without delay. 

Alongside infinite lives, this allows the game to be challenging, instead of frustrating. With 5 “Chapters”, each with 20 levels (and twice that if you count the optional Dark World levels), this game offers a lot of runtime and replay-ability. 

It’s not just the gameplay, either… “Super Meat Boy”’s OST is full of many memorable and catchy tracks that add to the array of environments you explore. These songs are held in high regard by many as some of the best instrumentals composed for a video game. 

On top of that, the game also has a very distinct and quirky style for it. The artwork (done by Edmund McMillen) helps bring the odd and eccentric style of Meat Boy’s world to life. While certain parts do feel dated (it was released back in 2010, after all), the rest of the game still looks sharp to this day. 

All in all, Super Meat Boy will remain as one of the most potent and memorable experiences for fans of platformer titles – especially for those looking for a unique challenge. With catchy music, fast-but-fair gameplay, and an interesting style to go along with it, it’s no wonder “Super Meat Boy” has lasted this long and continues to sell to this day. 

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