The Train to Christmas Town


By Angel Anderson

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c3All aboard! All aboard! That’s probably what you’ll hear if you’re on ‘The Train To Christmas Town.’ This seasonal train ride starts boarding at the Mt. Hood railroad train station located in Hood River, Oregon, at 110 Railroad Street, Hood River, Oregon 97031. The train travels to a secret location called Christmas Town. That’s where everyone gets to see Santa Claus.




After the train leaves Christmas Town, it travels back to the Mt. Hood train station where people get off, return to their cars, and head back home. The entire festivity takes about 70 minutes.



Story Behind the Train Ride

c4The train ride is based on a children’s book The Train Ride To Christmas Town. The story is about a girl named Janice and her brother as they travel by train to a place called Christmas Town every year with their grandmother. However, this year the grandmother isn’t able to go, but she packed them a special bag to enjoy on their journey. Janice and her brother travel alone with their woodland friends. Their main woodland friends are the bear named Bumblebee, the squirrel named Wabash, and a cat named Zephyr. Eventually, they get to Christmas Town, get served hot cocoa and cookies by the elves, and get to meet Santa Claus as he boards the train. The book teaches important values like friendship, and it ws written by Pegg

y Ellis and illustrated by Jeffrey Lee.



Dates & Times

Due to the train rides popularity, it’s encouraged that you contact them in advance. Call at 800.872.4661 or email to check for availability because tickets are going fast.


Ticket Classes and Costs

c6The cost for tickets range from $27.75 for children to $35.25 for adults during peak times. Please note cost will be higher the closer it gets to Christmas. Tickets aren’t mailed and they must be picked up at the Mt. Hood Railroad Station on the same day of the event.


Also, there are three classes of tickets that can be bought:




Tickets Must be

Bought in Even Numbers*

Heated & Decorated Cars

& Restrooms

Cocoa &  Cookies Served + Gift From Santa Complimentary



(See below)



Diamond Yes Yes Yes Yes No
First Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Standard No Yes Yes No Yes

* Tickets must be bought in even numbers to ensure all members in your group are seated together.

Diamond Class:

c7This premium class has upper dome car seating. Seating is at either a booth or table, and it has larger than normal sized windows. Festive music is played during the entire trip.


First Class:


This class has either a booth or table sitting with movable, padded chairs, and there are great views from the windows. Festive music is played during the entire trip.


Standard Class:

This class has doesn’t have tables; however, it does have comfortable seating, and window views for a cozy ride. Festive music is played during the entire trip.


Clothes to Wear

This is a holiday event, so people are encouraged to dress up, wear fun clothing, or wear pajamas! It’s meant to be fun. Nevertheless, people are encouraged to dress warmly because they have wait outside to board and get off the train.

Cancellation Policy – No Refunds

There are no refunds because this event is very popular. However, you can reschedule an event up to four (4) days before departure date. There is a $10 rebooking fee. It’s suggested that you make sure of the date and time when your reservation is secured. No cancellations are made due to bad weather or snow. Please note that weather cancellations are very rare. If for some reason the train is inoperable, you will be contacted immediately and have a choice between receiving a full refund or an opportunity to reschedule.


If you’re looking for holiday magic, or if you want to give a wonderful lifelong memory, then you might want to try the Mount Hood Railways ‘The Train Ride To Christmas Town.’ This train ride is an adventure for all ages to enjoy.


********************************Happy Holidays! *******************************



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