Movie Review: “Patema Inverted”

By: Caryssa Scott

Patema Inverted.jpg
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Patema Inverted is a 2013 Japanese science fiction film that follows a future society that in the effort to progress tries to harness energy from gravity, but the experiment goes terribly wrong and ends up inverting gravity which they say caused the people to fall into the sky. Years later, the inverts as they dub them are living underground as the “normal” people are living on the surface. One day an inverted girl named Patema accidentally falls down/up to the surface and is saved by a boy named Eiji. After Patema is found and captured, Eiji sets off to save Patema and discover the truth of what really happened the day the gravity inverted. 

I believe the film conveyed a profoundly important message of unity, understanding, personal individuality, and progression through excellent writing and directing. Many times, the film is dripping with the various themes portrayed in it. Other times it has more of a nuanced way of accurately portraying its message. 

It contains beautiful artwork and a great soundtrack as well as a great plot twist that’s a little guessable, but it’s good anyway. The movie contains very clever writing and a unique concept that encourages its audience to contemplate the science and meaning behind the story, as well as to sympathize and connect to the characters and theme.  

Now I’m going into more of the negatives. The movie is a bit rushed at the start, especially with the relationship between Patema and Eiji. It has some plot conveniences, and I feel the movie squandered its potential in some spots.  

In conclusion, I genuinely love this movie and cannot recommend it enough. It really is delightful, and you can watch it upside down if you want, so for my final rating, with how much I love it I would give it a 10/10, but critically I will politely give it an 8/10.

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