Let’s Go Eevee and Pikachu Review

Let’s Go Pikachu Review

By Emily Reed

The Video Game, Let’s Go Eevee: for those of you who don’t know what that is, it’s a new game released by Nintendo for the Nintendo Switch. There is another variation o


If the game released called Let’s Go Pikachu. It’s pretty much the same game, the only difference is there’s different Pokémon and your partner isn’t Eevee, It’s Pikachu. The games were released in 3 different forms. The first being a Nintendo Switch bundle. You could get ether game pre downloaded, along with the Poke ball Plus, A controller you can use. The console had art of Pikachu and Eevee, and the joy cons were the appropriate color of each Pokémon, along with the joy con straps. It was also released in a pack with

a physical copy of the game, and the poke ball plus. This is the one I recommend. It may be $100, but it saves you $10, as the poke ball plus asking for $50, and the game is $59. If you don’t want the poke ball plus, or want it later, you can just buy the game. It doesn’t come with anything. The poke ball plus comes with the Pokémon mew as a gift. Anyway, let’s get into the review.

We start up in the usual way most Pokémon games start. A professor going on how we live with Pokémon, and then you choose your gender, hair and skin, name, and then your rivals name. As you go on in other games, you get to choose your Pokémon. But since this is Let’s Go, Eevee, you can only have Eevee as a stap2rter. If you had Let’s Go Pikachu, it’d be the same case. After the intro with the professor, you get the start up screen with Eevee. You meet your rival at their house, talk for a bit, then part your ways. As you begin to leave, you meet the professor talking to some Pidgey’s. When he notices you, and you start to leave, you see a little Eevee running in the grass. You go after it, but it flees. When you go back to the professors lab, you see your rival. He says he saw something run in and jump into a poke ball. When you touch the poke ball, the Eevee or Pikachu hops out, and your hand is on it’s head. You end up accepting this Pokémon as your partner, and your rival takes the opposing Pokémon. That’s when you go on your adventure.

At first, I got very VERY excited for this Game. Pokémon GO got me into the Pokémon franchise, and seeing that it was going to be involved in a new for one of the video games was very interesting! However, it was very confusing figuring out how to load it up and connect it to the mobile app. Plus, it doesn’t work the way I thought


it would. If you transfer Pokémon to the game, you don’t get them back, which I think is kind of ridiculous. Another thing I dislike is that when you first start and play it on TV Mode, the screen is cropped. I had to look it up on YouTube to figure out how to fix it. I also had to look up how to link the Poke ball Plus to Pokémon. They should come with instructions on how to, the buyer shouldn’t have to look it up.

Some features I Really enjoy in the game is the catching Technique. Instead of having to damage the Pokémon before catching it, you can just throw a poke ball. I find this way a lot more easier and simpler. I also like the way that they added characters from the anime into the game. Seeing Team Rocket got me very excited to begin playing! I love the fact that when you run in the grass, you don’t run into random Pokémon. They pop out of the grass and you choose if you want to catch them or not. This feature is probably my most favorite because finding a good Pokémon I want was harder in other games. In the others, you had to hope you didn’t run into any Pokémon when you walked through grass.


Some things I dislike about the game is the fact you can’t change your avatars hair style. That has always bothered me, even though you couldn’t in previous games. I also dislike the way you catch shiny’s. You can only catch them if you get a catch combo on a certain Pokémon. The Pokémon still has the chance to run away, however. And if you catch a different Pokémon or it runs, you loose your streak.  If you reset your game, you don’t get Mew. If Mew was added on your first account, it has already been taken off the poke ball plus. The only way to get another is to buy another poke ball plus. You only run one speed, and I find that pretty silly. If I wanted to go some place faster, it’d be nice to have a faster running option.


So, do I recommend this game? Yes, of course! If you are a hardcore Pokémon fan, and love the Kanto region, this is a game for you. I recommend it to people who are newer to the Pokémon series, because I think this would be a great start to their journey. It’s also good for regular players. I enjoyed it, even though it had a few flaws here and there. I can accept them. I also recommend this game if you are a big player of Pokémon GO, as it has a lot of references in the game.

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