Colin Furze the Mad Scientist

By David Arellano 

Colin-Mad scientist.jpg
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Colin Furze or colinfurze (as his YouTube channel is called) has almost 7 million subscribers some of his videos have more than 20 million views. His videos range from making Hulkbusters to AT-AT’s to making Wolverine claws to making a turkey.  

Colin Furze was born in Stamford, Lincolnshire England, on the 14th of October 1979. He is currently 39 and holds 5 Guinness World Records. He went to Malcolm Sargent Primary School, after that he began going to secondary school and left school at 16 to become a plumber. During his childhood, he was always building treehouses and building dens. He got into BMX at the age of 15 specializing in flat line because he had injured his doing ramp tricks. When Colin was 27 his father died and finally was let into a shed which his parents had prohibited him from entering his whole life.  

He made his first video in 2007 when had first discovered YouTube. When I began watching his I thought he was some rich engineer who had too much time on his hands; in reality, he was just a plumber. I just like to think that it doesn’t matter what your background is if you really put your mind to than anything is more than possible.  

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