Younger Siblings: The Ultimate Challenge

Younger Siblings: The Ultimate Challenge

By Isabelle Jones

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Millions of answerless questions.

Small hands getting into things.

Screams and shouts every half hour.

Little noise making toys littered all over the hallway.

Sound familiar? Yep. Then you probably have little siblings. I do too, 5 of them actually. It can be chaotic, what’s an older sister, or brother, to do? Well, besides locking yourself in your bedroom… (which isn’t an option for me at the moment, those of you who have bedrooms to yourself, I will come for you)

But that’s beside the point. The real question here is, what in the whole wacky world am I to do with these tiny monsters that want to eat me alive? Well, first off, I’m sure they don’t actually want to eat you, and if they do you need some serious locks on that bedroom door, and a lifetime supply of food and water… and something to do while sitting there waiting out the toddler years.

Anyways, I know for a fact that it can be incredibly difficult, sometimes almost impossible to keep your cool with your younger siblings. So here I am once again, to help you though this wild ride of brotherhood and/or sisterhood.

First off, take a moment to think about that little child sitting at your feet, chewing on the cord for your laptop, might want to grab that before something happens… But that there, is a mini you! And he or she can be your best friend! Also, you must never forget that little Bobby there, probably looks up to you. I bet you he wants to be just like you! So start by setting a good example, maybe you have bad habit, talking back to people, or leaving messes. If you keep up with that, Bobby will just follow right along with you. You could even recruit that little ball of energy to help you out! Show him that the laundry goes in this basket, and the old pizza box in the trash. Not only will he learn some spot on cleaning techniques from an old timer, but it also makes it so much more fun to have a little buddy to work with!

Next on the agenda, is pay attention! And I don’t mean just making sure Lil’ speedy feet Susan doesn’t wander out into the street. I mean play with her! Don’t push your little siblings away. Do fun things with them! Let them explore all those silly snapchat filters and take silly photos with you. Let go of your pride and become a galloping wild horse in the supermarket for them! I mean, who doesn’t love piggyback rides? Pull out some finger paint and show them how the make a sloppy masterpiece! (See previous paragraph on cleaning messes)

This next one is a big one, don’t let it slide by you. Be there for them. When you hear whimpering in the night don’t yell at them to be quiet, go in and give them a hug, ask what’s wrong and help them out. There have been multiple times I go in and sleep with my little sister the rest of the night to keep her company when she’s scared. It’s nice to be able to hold that small body in your arms while they sleep, you know why? It like the ultimate compliment! When they fall asleep in your arms, they are showing you that they trust you to keep them safe, that you won’t let them go. And that, is true sibling love.

By now you are probably the favorite of your little brothers and sisters, silly, fun, caring, and loving, the ultimate sibling! But, we’re not stopping there. Didn’t you hear Whitney whine to mother for that white whiskered kitten at uncle Willies? (I should be the next Dr. Seuss) Every child needs discipline, even if it’s no fun. So help your Mom and Dad out. Pull Whitney aside and explain to her why whining for a white whiskered kitten in Willie’s whale of a yard, isn’t ok. (And that Dr. Seuss is the best children’s book author ever.) Show Bobby that if he chews through that cord he could get very hurt, and tell Susan that running out into the street is incredibly dangerous and show her proper technique for street crossing, and safety. Not only will you be protecting your siblings, and helping them learn and grow, but you will also be helping your parents out tremendously!

Yep, you’re definitely a pro now! The best older sibling out there!

And with that I believe we have covered the basic sibling survival skills. And you my friend, are ready to take on the world!

3 thoughts on “Younger Siblings: The Ultimate Challenge

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  1. Hey Isabelle!
    Your advice is very helpful. I currently live with my 3 younger brothers, but have 7 siblings total. It does get extremely frustrating, but your tips make a lot of sense and I am sure gonna use them. As for going to you room to get away from siblings, I am with you on that. One option I do not have. But back to the sibling bond, I never thought of it that way and you sharing your thought, I am starting to think of it and I will start to use them. Thanks!


  2. Having siblings can be frustrating sometimes, but this advice is a lot like what I am told all the time. I have two older siblings and three younger, so I am kinda stuck in the middle. These tips are very useful and I will make sure I work on them.


  3. I am in the same boat as you Isabelle, I too have 5 younger sibling and one older one, but he has moved out so the big sister roll is left to me, and oh boy it is a challenge to include my younger siblings and play with them and be nice to them sometimes. Your tips are really helpful sounding though, I will definitely be trying them out.
    This was a very well-written and easy to relate too. Also very fun to read while you were giving out good advice. Great Job.


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