DIY Gift Bow

By: Daelyn Wilson


So we’ve entered that time of year again! A time to buy, wrap, tie, and give gifts. One of the most iconic things about a present, is the fluffy bow on the top of the present. It is easy to get a bow from the store for about a dollar. But sometimes it’s fun to make one yourself. So if you are interested, please read on.



Sewing/Craft Scissors

Ribbon (wired works best for holding its shape, but you can use any ribbon. The ribbon here is wired and just about an inch wide)

Wire Cutters/Pliers

Wire (any gauge will work, the thinner it is the easier it is to bend and cut. This is 24-gauge wire)

Step 1

Step 1: Take and hold the end of the ribbon between your thumb and index finger. This is just to hold it in place while you wrap it around your hand. If you want a bigger bow, you can wrap your ribbon around a larger item, like the length of a DVD case, or a small box. However big or small you want it.


Step 2

Step 2: Wrap the ribbon around your hand. The more you wrap it the fluffier it will be. I wrapped this particular bow about 8 times around my hand. Typically, though, 6-10 wraps work the best.




Step 3

Step 3: Once you’ve finished wrapping. Pull the loops off your hand, careful to keep them all in place. Take the scissors and cut a notch on either side just a couple centimeters in from the edges. With the ribbon with wire, it will be harder to cut, be careful. The crafting scissors make this a little easier though.

Step 3 – notches




Step 4: When you have the notches cut, cut off a few inches of wire. This will be holding it all together and

Step 4

will wrap between the notches. Twist the wire a few times then use the pliers to take care of the ends by folding them under and trimming them down (the picture does not show this, it shows the twist prior to the trimming and tucking) You can leave the wire long to attach it to things if you want.

Step 5

Step 5: Now, pull the loops apart. Slide it off and twist. The ribbon that has wire holds its shape better at this part and is easier to mold to your liking. But just pull of each loop until there are no more loops to pull apart.



Step 6: When you have pulled all the loops apart. Now bend and shape it as you please until it looks how you want it to look. This was my finished bow.



*If you didn’t leave the wire long, you can attach with hot glue or double sided tape*


I hope this helps and that you enjoyed this DIY Gift Bows. There are many different types, and this is only one example. But, have a little fun with it. Happy Holidays to you all!





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