A Poem

Emily Reed

Tears formed in the girl’s eyes as she sat on the cold floor of the Bathroom Stall. She heard what those girls said.. Tears trailed down her cheeks, staining her clothes. She hid her face in her knees and sobbed. Suddenly, a bright yellow light appeared. ”Why are you crying, child?” When the girl looked up, she saw a beautiful creature with a small halo and beautiful angel wings on its back. ”W-who are you..?” She asked. ”I was sent from heaven to look over you.. Now please tell me what’s wrong sweetie?” The girl sighed and wiped some of her tears. ”Some kids are bullying me.. I’ve been being bullied for years..” The angel wrapped it’s arms around the girl and let her cry into its shoulder. ”Shh..’ It rubbed her back soothingly. ”I know things may seem tough right now, but God has great plans for you in the future… You must stay strong my child..” For anyone who is being bullied out there, ignore the devils.. You have angels looking over you… Stay strong.

To help prevent bullying or for help, see:



2 thoughts on “A Poem

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  1. omg i love this i was bulliued my whole life thats why i came to an online school. anyways i love this its cute thought full love how u said that just so nice.


  2. I really respect how you are bringing light so such a hard topic to talk about. Bullying has serious impacts on people and it’s sad how normalized it’s gotten.


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