Two Person Poem

Two Person Poem about the Cherokee Trail of Tears 

Amelia Lutsenko

Cherokee Child on Trail of Tears A Child Settling in the Captured Land
I’m a Cherokee Child I’m a Settler’s Child
My family is moving
Our home and land was stolen We got some new land!
The river is frozen and my feet are so cold. I’m warm near the fire that’s burning inside my new home.
I hear someone coughing, my sister is sick. We have lots of stuff and we’re really happy.
I hear a gunshot
Someone else dead, who just couldn’t keep up. Father brings his game for our big dinner tonight.
I am so scared I feel so safe
As I fall asleep in the snow… As I fall asleep on my warm bed…
I dream of my home.

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  1. Wow, this is amazing. It really gives the reader a glimpse of the two sides of the story surrounding the Trail of tears. The point of views are well put together and true. Great job.


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