Herp, Derp, and the Eraser Man

Herp, Derp, and the Eraser Man

Jacob Hampton


One bright and sunny Sunday afternoon

Two stickmen came to play

On the shining beach of Herpleton

These two men played all day

As the sun sank out of sight, Derp announced,

“We’ve had a fun time here, eh?”


Herp replied, “I wish we hadn’t wasted

All this sunshine away

With your badgering and insistence on

Keeping ourselves at bay

We could’ve swam over the shining sea

But no, you had to stay.”


“Come on,” Derp said, “you know I wouldn’t judge

You for swimming off-shore

But I was worried that we might’ve swam

To the ends of Sea Four

No one knows where this ocean goes; we might

Fall to an unseen floor.”


Herp scoffed and said, “Oh, those are nothing but

A bunch of made-up lies!

We could float o’er the majestic waves, and

See what we can both find

It would be a grand adventure, a tale

To blow everyone’s minds!”


“Oh, that’s what you want?” an unknown man said.

“I’ll give you more to it.

I have this rubber bar here, so long have

I wanted to use it.

For its powers are lethal to drawn things

Things like you two nitwits!”


Herp and Derp bolted along the flat sand

Dodging the rubber’s swipes

The ocean waves and sun disappeared

And faded into white

The stickmen screamed as they felt the pink bar

Wipe their legs from the slide

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