Tips for Getting Through the School Year!

Written By: Isabelle Jones

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Well my friends, here we go again! Welcome to the 2018-2019 ORVA school year! I hope you all had an amazing summer! and I don’t know about you, but I am so incredibly excited to be back in school! So to kick off the Monarch Blog here’s a little list of tips and tricks to help you start and end this year strong.

Let’s start with one of our amazing administrators, Mrs. Stukel!

Q: What tip(s) do you have for all the students here at ORVA for keeping up work in classes, and maintaining a good grade?

Mrs. Stukel: I would say my biggest tips are to do one assignment/task in each class, every day of the school week and to get into a routine where you start your day with logging into school. Otherwise, smile and enjoy the process of completing school work from home. 😊

We also have a few ORVA students who were willing to share their feedback for this school year:

Q: What is a tip you have for your fellow students, keeping up with all the work, and having fun this year?

The first one that popped out to me was “Take fun breaks when needed.” And it’s so true don’t think that you have to do 6 straight hours of school. For sure take a break or two during the day to get lunch, work on a fun side project, or go for a relaxing walk. Another important one is “be comfortable where you are working”. I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t want to sit on a hardwood chair at the dining table all day long. You could also rotate where you work every now and then, sit in your bed one day and on the sofa the next! Whatever works for you!

And of course, we have some of those basic guidelines that you have already heard from all of your teachers, and guess what! Some of your amazing fellow students agree with them! The first one being, “Follow your schedule and use teacher’s advice” and “Don’t hesitate to ask teacher questions, they’re here to help you!” That’s a big one, don’t be embarrassed to ask for a bit of help if you are behind or don’t know what’s going on. Your teachers are always there for you.

And here are a few others that are absolutely amazing!

1. “Stay ahead of the game and you won’t lose.”

2. “Make a schedule so that you have time for each class every day.”

3. “Keep a notebook, and every Monday check and write down all of your assignments.”

4. “Make sure you have everything that’s due, turned in. Maybe do extra assignments so you have time to have fun.”

5. “Close all other tabs during school time.”

6. “Plan ahead.”

7. “Even if it’s not a subject you like, try to find at least one thing that you can find fun about it.”

And a little tip from me: Do your least favorite subjects first, that why they are out of the way and you are left with the ones you enjoy more!

Last, of all, I want to thank Mrs. Stukel for her input, and Mr. B and his students for sharing their advice with us! Thank you all very much!

Hope you all have a fantastic 2018-2019 school year, and I’ll ‘see’ yall in class!

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