Broken Sticks

My sticks are joy, My sticks are pain, They mirror each other, They wax and wane.  My sticks are fury, My sticks are healing, They wash, crash, they hit, and bash, They are the judge and the jury.  One is power, One is speed. Both with time, both with feel My sticks are all I'll ever need.  To break is to emit, To break is to release But not... Continue Reading →

This, That, When

That.  Wish, dream, virtue, vision.  Something good enough to seem like  It’s forbidden.  This.  A state, place, thing, feel.  What you have; it must lack,  but it’s real.  Then.  Worse than now, past, it’s gone.  Worse: for it is behind. Learn it’s better  to move on.  Will.  Move, act, create, happen, displace.  Your That will... Continue Reading →

Beyond the Shore

“Let it wear you out.  Weaving a web of confusion.  Between the silk trees, across the front yard.  White lies catch the strongest off-guard.  Sleepless nights have led you to my home, far from our own.”  So, it’s another one of these extremely poetic post-hardcore songs again, and it sounds like it’s walking away from stressful situations in life, which I... Continue Reading →

Stupid love

Oh how dumb is love, and how it makes me feel.  Oh my love, have you yearned for something so pure and real.  Oh how much pain I feel because you might never feel the same.   Oh for heaven sakes you don’t even know my name!  I am dizzy with love.  I cry because I don’t... Continue Reading →

Dear Pet Stores

Dear Pet Store Owners,  I implore you to give proper information to your customers about the animals and products you sell. I believe this is a good idea because it would reduce the number of innocent animals killed in shelters each year. Also, It would help owners buy the right products and have happy, healthy animals and owners which means more... Continue Reading →

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