She stares at the timer  The time decreases  Slowly  The smell is cinnamon  Her eyes are fixed on them  They expand on the pan where they sit  Heat radiating off and warming the area around  A sudden noise breaks her stare  She whips her head toward the noise  The dog sits patiently waiting for one of his toys  DING ... Continue Reading →


Arabian’s are a very fancy breed of horse. There most noticeable characteristic is their chiseled head, long stretched neck, high tail carriage, and dished nosed. These horses are well balanced, graceful when moving, deep chest, sprung ribcage, and strong legs. There neck should be long and arched, they should have a short back. They have naturally... Continue Reading →

What the American Dream Means to Me

What comes to mind when you first hear the word America? Liberty? Or maybe the stars and stripes? What I think of, is freedom. The American Dream is our right to basic freedoms. Our country has pioneered the recognition of man’s God given rights to speech, defense, and religion. People take for granted the fact... Continue Reading →

An Endless Sea

He walked along an endless sea  “Oh where is the end, I cannot see.”  He walked along an endless shore  “Will I walk, evermore?”  She walked along an endless sea  “This endless ocean shall set me free”  She walked along an endless shore  “Leaving here would be a bore”  They walked along an endless sea ... Continue Reading →

Cutting Horses

Cutting is a western style equestrian competition, where a rider preforms on a horse in front of a panel of judges. The horse gets judged on its athleticism and its great ability to work bovine, bovine is what we know as cows. The competition usually runs the course of 2 ½ minutes, but can run longer.... Continue Reading →

Misconceptions of CGI and 3D Animation

When the term “CGI” is used, it’s mostly associated with the newer releases of animated films and visual effect shots in movies, usually in comparison to traditional hand-drawn animation, or the use of practical effects.  People tend to think that CGI, or Computer-Generated Imagery is replacing the original means of film production solely because it’s easier. However,... Continue Reading →

To Sleep or to Study, That Is The Question

Many teens understand the harsh reality of having to sacrifice sleep to study or do other schoolwork, this greatly compounds the problem of sleep deprivation if the teen already isn’t getting enough sleep, and they usually aren’t. According to the National Sleep Foundation, teens need about eight to ten hours of sleep every night to... Continue Reading →

A real winter wonderland

We all enjoy Christmas, do we not? It’s the one time of the year where everyone seems so cheerful and happy. It’s my favorite holiday. The smell of Candy Canes, The yummy foods, and of course the presents! But those aren’t the only reasons Christmas is fun for me. We have many little events around my... Continue Reading →

A Song for Lost Sleep

Why don’t we  Sneak out to the beach at night?  All we’ll be  Are memories this time of year  We can swim  In the blue moonlight  On our whim  Let’s regret our lost sleep  In the morning,  Next year.  A rock  At the window, alone in bed  A knock, undone the lock  Now below, eyes turned... Continue Reading →

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