Worst Day Ever

     Let me tell you about my horrible, awful day. This was supposed to be a great day, not the worst day ever. A day where I had lots of plans. A day where I would be able to look back and think about all the great things that had happened.  Unfortunately, that is not... Continue Reading →

How you met

Y/N: Your Name  F/D: Favorite Drink  You were walking into Starbucks and as you went to open the door, it was flung open hitting you, making you fall to the ground. As you sat there thinking about how bad your day was, a hand was outstretched towards you. You took it and as you looked up, you saw one... Continue Reading →

Not So Invisible Illness

There’s a term people use to describe illnesses that aren’t visible to the naked eye. Many people describe them as invisible illnesses, and for the most part, they are correct. My illness isn’t a cold, where you can see my runny nose and my cough. My illness is invisible, at least to those who don’t... Continue Reading →

What Has Changed?

The days start off fine.  She leaves, he leaves, and here I am.  Hours later they come home,  Stressed from the days as tension builds.  One snarky comment,  And an argument erupts.   They yell and they scream but it makes no difference.  They will be in the same place yesterday, tomorrow and today.   He goes... Continue Reading →

Day one of full quarantine

Day one of official Quarantine!   At the start of all this, I personally thought it was just going to be a small thing and be done in a few days. But now I see that it’s a big and really dangerous problem. When people first started to come down with COVID19 (Corona Virus) I wasn’t really bothered by it; I was still... Continue Reading →

Teacher Spotlight: Jeremy Ting

Asked By Desi S-R, Answered By Jeremy Ting  Jeremy Ting: 7th Grade Teacher Questions and Answers!!  What made you want to be a part of ORVA?     The ability to teach and be able to spend more time with my family at home.  Do you have any hobbies outside of school?  I love to hike and... Continue Reading →


Today, I will be a king.   On second thought, today, I will be a pirate.  I will sail the seas.  I will find gold and treasure.  Why yes, my queen, it would be my pleasure.  The crew will swab the decks.  They will unfold the sails.  We will battle the winds.  We will find treasure.  And yes,... Continue Reading →

Is Music Better Than Medication?

Music affects the human body in many ways. One-way music affects us is through brain stimulation, what that means is the music enters our brain and triggers it to release a chemical called Dopamine, that is the chemical that makes us feel pleasure (Galindo). Not only does music make us feel good but studies show that it is also good... Continue Reading →

Just Eat

Eating disorders are something that have a lot of stigma around them. A lot of people think that they’re doing it just to get attention or to get skinny, but a lot of the time, that isn’t the case. I want to warn you that this article is something that will be very raw and real.... Continue Reading →

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